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what are the 5 main reasons for Moses importance

his covenant with God
saw God as shekinah twice
freed Jews from slavery in Egypt
received mitzvot and torah


describe Moses’ covenant with God

the covenant meant Jews had to follow the laws God gave them and moses had to bring jews back to the promised land

identified jews as the chosen people of god


briefly describe Moses life (5 points)

raised as Egyptian royalty, killed guard beating Jew and fled
God appeared as a burning bush asking him to free Jews
God released 10 Plagues and parted Red Sea celebrated by Passover
Moses led Jews through desert for 40 years to Promised Land
given 613 mitzvot and torah on mount sinai


what are the 4 main reasons that probe Abrahams importance

one of the founders of judaism
first believer of monotheism, first jew
role model for jews
3 covenants


what are the 3 covenants Abraham made with God

Promised Land
Sign of Covenant ( Circumcision)


describe the covenant of the Promised Lands(4)

found in Genesis
land given to Abraham for descendants to live on (Israel)
Jews lived on Israel for over 3,000 years
apart of Jewish identity (Temple and Jerusalem Wall)


describe the covenant do the Descendants Abraham made with God (3)

God promised him children at age 75
had Ishmael with slave ,not Gods child, and Isaac with his wife, Gods child

Abraham had descendants through Isaac

called Father of Nations


describe the sign of the covenant covenant Abraham made with God (4)

God blessing families through Abraham
to seal blessings Abraham circumcised all males in his family

takes place 8 days after birth

shows loyalty and relationship with God

without circumcising male is not apart of covenant