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Describe how advection fog forms .....

When warm humid air moves in over a cold surface the lower layers can be cooled sufficently to for fog


State 3 main facts about advection fog .....

1. Can form at any time of day or night

2. May linger for days at a time

3. Rare in Australia


What may radiation fog do before it dissipates .....

it may thicken


State the 3 conditions for the formation of radiation fog .....

1. Clear night skies

2. Light winds

3. Humid air


Name the 2 types of fog .....

1. Radiation

2. Advection


As fog lifts it forms .....

Sc and or St


Why is slant visibility a problem in fog .....

fog is rarely deeper than 600ft, so when looking from above things seem fine but on finals the horizontal or slant visibility is reduced which can be dangerous


To be classified as fog visibility must be ..... otherwise it is categorised as .....

less than 1000m, mist


What are the 2 ways that radiation fog dissipates .....

1. An increase in wind

2. An increase in solar heating


What 2 things can cause fog to linger longer .....

1. Middle level clouds 

2. Calm conditions