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How should you approach a mountain range if you suspect mountain waves may be present .....

Approach from an oblique angle that allows for a less than 1800 escape route


What type of clouds indicate mountain waves are present .....

lenticular, and roll clouds


The crests of the mountain waves can be ..... ..... than the mountain that triggered them

much heigher


What do the crests and troughs of the mountain waves do in relation to the mountain range .....

they remain stationary


3 things are required for mountain waves to form .....

1. Wind direction - must be at almost right angles

2. Wind speed - greater than 25kts

3. Atmospheric stability - there must be a stable layer of air sandwiched between 2 unstable layers


The nature of mountain waves is determined by 3 things .....

1. The height of the mountains

2. The shape of the mountains

3. The degree of stability