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The effect of hoar frost forming on the wings of an aeroplane is -

Hazardous, because it can substantially increase stalling speed 


One of the prerequisites for the formation of a thunderstorm is -

the presence of moist air through a considerable depth of the atmosphere 


A strong pressure gradient is normally associated with -

An area of strong winds


Advection fog differs from radiation fog in that -

it can form at any time of day and may persist for long periods


Area forecasts for flights below 20 000 ft are available -

on request from Air Services Australia or MET office 


The recommended speed for flight in turbulent conditions is -

A speed, which gives a compromise between excessive structural loads and the stall


During cruise you suspect that carburettor ice forming and apply full carburettor heat. The engine immediately loses power and begins to run roughly. Your immediate action should be -

Leave carburettor heat full ON


a condition which is most likely to produce mountain wave activity -

a stable layer of air near the height of the ridge


Select a phenomenon which is most likely to be associated with cirrostratus cloud -

the halo effect


The most likely cause of turbulence over land on a hot day is -

  thermal activity


The initial effect of accumulating clear ice on an aeroplane in flight will be -

An increase in stalling speed


A wind blowing up sloping terrain during the day could be -



an indication which would be associated with a sudden decrease in headwind component during an approach to land -

A decrease in indicated airspeed and an increase in rate of descent


The validity period of a TTF is -

3 hr from the time of the report with which it is associated


A TAF is a statement of the conditions expected for a specified period in the air space within -

5 nm of the centre of an aerodrome


A hazard that dust storms are most likely to produce is -

  severe visibility restriction over a widespread area to heights above 10000 ft 


When air temperature increases with height through a layer of the atmosphere, the probability of vertical motion is -

Low as rising air becomes cooler than its surroundings


The flying conditions above a layer of small cumulus clouds are likely to be -



A sudden increase in head wind component during an approach to land will, with altitude and power constant, cause the airspeed to -

Increase and then return to normal 


The pressure system which gives rise to a subsidence inversion is -



The strength of the pressure gradient force depends most on -

The spacing of the isobars


You would expect calm conditions at an aerodrome in the morning to persist for a longer period if -

Skies are overcast with stratus cloud 


the cloud type which is most often associated with mountain wave activity -

altocumulus lenticularis [ lenticular] 


the latitude at which there would be the greatest difference between the gradient wind and the actual wind at 5000 ft -

5 degrees S


In an area of towering cumulus clouds, select a location, relative to the clouds, in which the least amount of turbulence is usually found -

Between the clouds 


An aerodrome weather report is designated as SPECI when -

the weather conditions are fluctuating about or are below specified criteria 


The type of precipitation from stratus is most likely to be -



A thunderstorm can occur well after a cold front has passed because -

  the surface over which the cold air is passing is increasingly warmer than the cold air mass 


The layer of the atmosphere in which most convection takes place is -

the troposphere


A thunderstorm is active approximately 10 km from an aerodrome. A hazard for which a pilot approaching to land at the aerodrome should be on the alert is -

Severe low-level wind shear