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What is implicit metacognition?

Unconscious/procedural metacognitive knowledge


Implicit metacognition is present in children as young as...



2yo can use self-monitoring. What does this mean?

Self-monitoring is a type of implicit metacognition. 2yo spontaneously correct themselves and others on pronunciation, grammar and naming objects


What is explicit metacognition?

Conscious/factual metacognitive knowledge about tasks, people and strategies


Explicit metacognition is mostly acquired between...

5yo and 10yo


Children at what ages know that gist info is easier to recall than verbatim info?

Virtually all 5th grade children (10-11yo) know that gist info is easier to recall than verbatim info while only half of 1st grade children (6-7yo) know this (Kreutzer et al., 1975)


There is only a weak link between metacognition and memory. Why?
Relate this to why teaching metacognition is beneficial.

Metacognitive knowledge is useful when all conditions in long series of conditions are met - in real everyday life, this is unlikely to occur
Teaching metacognition is beneficial as all conditions would be met in planned training programs


Why can metacognition be taught, when basic processes cannot?

Metacognition is instructible, unlike basic processes


Why is teaching metacognition more advantageous than teaching strategies?

Because metacognition can be used across various situations, unlike specific strategies that can only be used in certain situations