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1 – What is the maximum size opening in steel decking without reinforcement around opening?

6 inches


2 – Which of the below would be proper for attaching cables to open web joist when unloading?

Put cables under bottom chords at 1/3 points


3 – What type of steel decking has wire chases for telephone, electrical, and computer wires?

Cellular decking


4 – Devices designed to mechanically lock concrete and deck together on composite decking are known as which of the below?

Shear connector devices


5 – What is proper way to store steel decking?

1 – Ground storage should be off the ground with one end elevated
2 – If on framing they should be on the frame near a main supporting beam at column or wall
3 – Bundles should always be stored tag side up
4 – All of the above


6 – On an open web joist 43 feet long, what would be the approximate camber needed?

3/4 inch
Note: 20 feet long open web joist camber is - 1/4”
30 feet long open web joist camber is - 3/8”
40 feet long open web joist camber is - 5/8”

50 feet long open web joist camber is - 1”
60 feet long open web joist camber is - 1-1/2”
70 feet long open web joist camber is - 2”
80 feet long open web joist camber is - 2 -3/4”


7 – A typical Joist Girder is designated as 36G9N6K, what would be the depth at mid-span?

36 inches


8 – What is the maximum depth on a longspan joist?

48 inches

Minimum depth is 18”

Minimum open web joist is 8”
Maximum open web joist is 30”


9 – Which of the below would be the best way of storing open web joist on the job site?

Upside down on wooden blocks in a vertical position


10 – What thickness of steel decking would require weld washers?

Less than 0.028 inches thick (which is 22 gauge)


11 – A working area should be how wide when erecting steel decking?

12 feet


12 – Which of the below welds should be used for attaching bridging to open web joist?

One 1/8 inch fillet weld ½ inch long


13 – When installing roof decking, what should be the minimum approximate end lap?

2 inches


14 – How much load should roof and floor steel decking be able to support during erection?

Roof 30 psf and Floor 50 psf


15 – End laps on steel decking is usually fastened which of the below ways?

1 – Screws
2 – Button punching
3 – Welds
4 – All of these


16 – When erecting K-Series Joists supported by masonry or concrete the ends shall extend not less than 4 inches on the wall and rest on a steel plate of not less than what width?

6 inches


17 – What is the minimum thickness of metal decking that welding can be used on side laps?

20 gage


18 – A camber on an open web joist would be doing which of the below?

Flexes up in the middle


19 – Metal decking is typically attached to the building frame with ______________.

1 – Arc puddle welds
2 – Self drilling screws
3 – Pneumatically driven pins
4 – All of the above


20 – Which of the following statements about composite floor decking is false?

1 – Composite floor decking acts as a working platform for other trades
2* – Composite floor decking does not reinforce the slab to carry the design loads applied during the life of the building
3 – Composite floor decking stabilizes the frame of the building
4 – Composite floor decking serves as a concrete form for the lab


21 – When moving steel joist by crane one should:

3 – Attach a hook/cable to the bottom cord at 2 locations about 1/3 from each end


22 – In the open web joist designation of “18K7”, the 7 indicates the _____of the joist.

Chord section


23 – Sweep indicates that the bar joist ______.

Are not installed straight lengthwise


24 – Deep long span joist must bear a minimum of ____ inches on the steel bearing plate if resting on a steel support.

4 inches

Minimum of 6 inches if resting on concrete or masonry support
These minimums also apply to a Long Span and Joist Girder


25 – The minimum bearing depth of an open web steel joist is?

2 ½ inches


26 – When welding longspan joists to steel supports, the welds shall be?

1/4 inch fillet weld 2 inches long


27 – Bridging material intended for use as horizontal bridging is furnished as?

20 foot lengths of angle or round rod


28 – Camber in an open web short span steel joist is?



29 – When the steel deck is to act as a diaphragm during construction, temporary bracing may be required if:

All deck units are not in place and fully connected


30 – What is the minimum required capacity to use a metal floor deck as a working platform?

50 psf


31 – How should the metal deck erector install the overlaps / endlaps of a roof deck?

3 – The center of the endlaps portions should occur over the support


32 – Which type of metal deck would have a designation 1 ½ x 6 (IR)?

Roof deck


33 – Repair or alteration of a steel joist can only be approved by:

Joist manufacturer


34 – When an Open Web K-Series steel joist is installed over steel supports, what is the minimum bearing distance?

2 ½ inches


35 – What is the maximum distance steel embedded plates should be located from the face of a masonry or concrete wall?

1/2 inch


36 – What is the minimum gauge of metal decking that can be welded on side laps?

20 gauge


37 – When welding metal deck, burn holes are the rule more than the exception, a weld is considered good when_____ of the perimeter of the weld is in contact with the 2 metals.

75 percent


38 – What type of bracing and or bridging is needed to prevent uplift of steel joists?

Bracing and or bridging near the first bottom chord panel point


39 – Where are the joists located on the joist girder supported members?

Top chord panel points


40 – Composite decks are distinguished by the presence of shear connector devices as part of the deck. They are designed to lock the _____and deck together.



41 – The nominal thickness of composite deck ranges from ___ to ____.

.03 to .06


42 – The weight of roof deck varies from ___ to ___ PSF (pounds per square foot)

2 to 4


43 – What is the maximum size opening in roof deck before a C channel support is needed?

13 inches


44 – A W14 x 42 x 36 is specified to have a 1 ½ inch camber in the middle. Which of the below bests describes this camber?

The beam flexes up 1 ½ inches in the middle

Remember the W means that it is an I beam
The 14 means that it is 14 inches deep
The 42 means that this beam weighs 42 pounds per linear feet
The 36 means that it is 36 feet long


How much would a W 14 x 42 x 36 weigh?

1,512 pounds

14 is 14 inches deep, 42 is pounds per linear feet, 36 is total linear feet of beam
Multiply 42 pounds x 36 linear feet = 1,512 pounds


46 – All W designated beams, I beams and C (channel) beams are made up of which of the following?

2 flanges and 1 webb


47 – How much oversize should you drill when drilling a hole through steel?

1/16 inch


48 – What position should the slings be in when lifting metal decking?



49 – On a steel girder with the designated number 42G9N6K, what does the number 42 represent?

Depth at mid span


50 – What would be a designation of form deck?

1-5/16” x varies

Form deck always has varies at the end.
The designation at the end of roof deck is – DR, WR, IR, NR
Floor deck does not have letters at the end – Example 2” x 12”, 3” x 12” etc.


51 – What is the maximum deck penetration for metal deck floor framing without a steel plate to reinforce?

6 inches


52 – What is the minimum weight of a bundle of decking that can be placed on steel joists?

4,000 pounds


53 – What type of weld is the best to use when the male leg of the flat side lap on metal deck is short?

Fillet weld


54 – As steel decking is placed, one edge of the deck will always be open or leading edge. The leading edge should only be approached to place the next sheet. Workers should always maintain at least 6 feet from the end of the deck unit. When aligning the deck (side lap), the worker should:

Kneel down


55 – When erecting steel beams on a building, where are you allowed to store them in order to re-hook to set in another location?

On the roof deck near a main beam


56 – Steel beams / joists should always be stored upside down (the same position as they are shipped) and:

Placed in a vertical or upright position


57 – What is the bearing depth for a joist girder that is less than 60 plf (pounds per linear foot)?

6 inches


58 – What is the maximum depth at mid span for an (K-series) open web joist?

30 inches


59 – When placing concrete on a metal decking floor, what is the correct procedure?

Place concrete uniformly over the decking


60 – Which of the below designation represents F Deck?


NR (narrow rib) can be referred to A deck
WR (wide rib) can be referred to B deck
IR (intermediate rib) can be referred to F deck
DR (deep rib) can be referred to N deck


61 – What is the minimum size bolt is needed when attaching metal decking to the structural frame?

1-1/2” x 1/4" with special drill point


62 - When erecting bottom bearing (or square ended) joists, it is imperative that:

They are erected right side up


63 – Each end of a “K” series (Open Web Joist) shall be attached to the support structure with a minimum of two 1/8 inch fillet welds 1 inch long or with:

(2) – ½ inch bolts


64 – When installing cellular deck, it is:

Normal to install panels end to end, do not overlap


65 – What is the minimum bearing depth on a masonry wall for an (K-Series) open web joist?

4 inches


What is the bearing depth of a joist girder that weighs 60 pounds per linear feet or more?

7 ½ inches


67 – When steel joists are over 100 feet long, what is the procedure for attaching bridging?

All rows of bridging shall be bolted diagonal bridging


68 – Composite decking can be either zinc coated of phosphatized. The phosphatized finish is:



69 – What is the maximum opening in a roof deck where you can use C Channels?

24 inches


70 – If metal decking is phosphatized / painted which of the below is true?

Top of decking is unfinished / bare


71 – What is the procedure for restraining bottom bearing / square ended joists?

A row of bolted diagonal bridging at the end


72 – How are joist girders removed / unloaded from a flatbed truck?

Cables hooks at 1/3 point with a spreader bar


73 – What would be the best type of weld used for a bridged connection?

Fillet weld


74 – How should a metal deck erector install end laps of a roof deck?

The center of the end lap portion should occur over the support


Steel joist girders are not usually?



76 – How are the ends of bottom bearing joists normally laterally restrained?

A row of diagonal bridging at the ends of the joist


77 – What is not recommended when welding metal deck in order to achieve good metal to metal contact at the weld?

Sheer lugs should not be used at laps of composite deck units.


78 – An open web joist that is bottom supported must be installed_____.

Right side up


79 – The best method to attach the ends of a long span joist is:

1 – (2) – 1/4 inch weld 2 inches long
2 – (2) – 3/4 inch bolts
3 – 1/2 inch weld 2 inches long
4 – Either 1 or 2


80 – A girder with the following designation 34G9N6K would measure ___ inches at the mid span.

34 inches


81 – What is the procedure for repairing a 12 inch x 12 inch hole in metal deck?

Cover hole with .057 inch plate and extend to adjacent ribs


82 – Which of the below types of deck is also referred to F deck?

1 ½” x 6” IR


83 – Concrete load should be placed on the steel joists only at the joists when they have been:



84 – What is the minimum standard size screws used on metal decking?



85 – When installing roof decking with mechanical equipment on the roof and the decking is parallel to the equipment, what distance should the wire warning be placed?

6 feet


86 – The edge of construction loads shall be placed within _____of the bearing surface.

1 feet


87 – Where is the bridging required for joists than are 40 to 60 feet?

A row of bolted diagonal bridging at midspan


88 – What is the best way to unload steel joists off a truck?

By the bundle


89 – What type of weld is used to prevent joists from horizontal shifting?



90 – When you stabilize an open web (K-series) joist, which of the below is not needed?



91 – If an opening has to be cut for a specific trade, who is authorized to do the cutting?

The cutter of that particular trade (trade requiring the opening)


92 – For those instances where a steel joist is not symmetrical, what will indicate the direction for the placement setting of this joist with the “Tag End”?

The setting plan


93 – What is the maximum perpendicular opening in metal decking allowed before a C4 x 5.4 angles is needed?

13 inches


94 – What is the maximum allowed without fall protection when working on steel erection?

15 feet


95 – Where should bundles of steel decking be stored in the building?

On the frame near a supporting beam, wall or column or over supports on each end


96 – How much end bearing is required when installing composite floor metal deck on a concrete, masonry wall or steel beam?

1 ½ inches


97 – What is the typical size of an “F” deck?

1 ½” x 6”


98 – What is the maximum spacing that metal deck or any other material placed on top of the steel joists be attached?

36 inches


99 – What is the minimum lap for horizontal bridging for open web joists?

3 inches


100 – What is the minimum thickness that form deck can be welded without washers?



101 – When should shear connectors be attached to top of joists?

After the metal decking has been installed


102 – How are steel joist stored at the jobsite?

The same position as shipped vertically and flat


103 – Which deck is normally used so the panel ends do not overlap on the supporting beams or support?

Composite deck


104 – Workers should maintain a minimum of _____feet from the end of deck unit when installing?

6 feet


105 – Which of the following is not used to prevent uplift for steel joists?

1 – Bracing at bottom chord panel points
2 – Bridging at bottom chord panel points
3 – Welding bridging at bottom chord panel points
4* – Tack welding at bottom chord panel points


106 – Which of the following is not a method of attaching steel deck?



107 – What is the maximum allowable depth of a Joist Girder?

120 inches