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1 – Which of the below should be attached to a trench box?

Tabulated data and name of engineer


2 – How long must OSHA 301 records kept?

5 years


3 – What is the minimum perpendicular clearance distance to ladder rungs on a fixed mounted access ladder?

7 inches


4 – Oxygen and acetylene hoses shall be inspected how often?

Beginning of every shift


5 – What is the minimum allowable slope for Type C soils?

1 ½:1 or 34 degrees


6 – Which of the below sloping or benching excavations would require design by a registered professional engineer?

Over 20 feet


7 – Scaffold legs and posts should be supported on which of the below?

Mud sills


8 – Which number of employees below would require employers to keep OSHA records?



9 – Which of the below is not required when dropping debris through floor openings and not using a chute?

Poly on lower level to keep dust down


10 – When dropping materials outside an exterior wall, at what height would a chute be required?

Over 20 feet


11 – A contractor has scaffold components manufactured by different manufacturers, which of the below are true?

Can use if not altered and they fit together


12 – Scaffold components must be able to support which of the below without failure?

Its own weight and four times the maximum intended load


13 – Scaffold platforms greater than 10 feet shall not extend over supports greater than?

18 Inches


14 – Where scaffold platforms are lapped to create a longer length, the lap shall not be less than which of the below when not nailed together?

12 Inches


15 – Ladders need to be ____ minimum above floor or landing.

3 feet


16 – When setting up a ladder, the bottom needs to ____% of total height away from the wall?

25 %


17 – A contractor agrees with his sub-contractor to divide jobsite responsibilities, such as providing safety programs, temporary sanitary facilities, etc. Which of the below applies?

This is legal; however, the contractor cannot be relieved of overall responsibility


18 – Exposure to impulsive or impact noise should not exceed _____db peak sound pressure level.

115 db

140db is the maximum noise level for the above question but I think that you have to pick the best answer which would be 115db.


19 – Brick stacks shall not more than ___feet in height.

7 feet


20 – Lumber piles shall not exceed ____feet in height when handled manually.

16 feet


21 – When masonry blocks are stacked higher than ____ feet, the stack shall be tapered back one-half block per tier above the top level.

6 feet


22 – Electric hand tools shall be either grounded or ______.

Double – insulated


23 – OSHA requires masonry walls taller than ___feet to be braced

8 feet


24 – When employees are required to be in trenches 4 feet deep or more, an adequate means of exit such as a ladder or steps shall be provided and located so as to require no more than ___feet of lateral travel.

25 feet


25 – Which of the following problems are not caused by asbestos?



26 – Oxygen deficiency can reasonably be expected to exist in excavations in landfill areas. The atmospheres in the excavation shall be tested before employees enter excavations greater than?

4 feet

When entering an excavation greater than 4 feet, the oxygen level must be tested if below 19.5% oxygen before workers can enter.


27 – What is the maximum distance between work levels without protected sides or edges that require a fall protection system?

4 feet


28 – Who is responsible for tradesmen’s compliance with OSHA regulations on the jobsite?



29 – What is the maximum depth that you are allowed to excavate below a trench box?

2 feet


30 – When you are lifting bar joists between 40 and 60 feet in length, what is required before you can disconnect lifting cables?

Joist is field bolted and stabilized


31 – When landing a bundle of decking on steel joists, the total maximum weight of a bundle of decking cannot exceed:

4,000 lbs


32 – The edge of a construction load shall be placed within_____of the bearing surface of the joist end.

1 feet


33 – The total weight of a bundle of joist bridging shall not exceed:

1,000 lbs


34 – During the performance of roofing work, materials and equipment shall not be stored within ____ of a roof edge.

6 feet


35 – Scaffold platforms shall not deflect more than ___ of the span when loaded.



36 – The most important procedure to follow for the rescue of an employee welding or cutting in a confined space is:

Have an attendant available with an emergency plan


37 – When joist spans are more than 100 feet, when should the hoisting cables be released?

When all diagonal bridging is installed


38 – What are the minimum distance materials and equipment should be located from the edge of an excavation?

2 feet


39 – Oxygen cylinders in storage shall be stored or separated at least ____ from fuel –gas cylinders.

20 feet



Valve protection caps


41 – When an employee in leaning over an edge of a building or platform more than 10 inches to perform a task, what must he do to be in compliance with safety regulations?

Have a secured lifeline or personal fall arrest system


42 –When employees are working on a suspension scaffold, each employee must have a lifeline attached to a ___lifeline cable.


The exception to this is when 2 employees are working in an elevator shaft during construction, they may attach to a single lifeline together as long as they are working on a platform equipped with guardrails.


43 – Which of the below protective equipment would not be required for removing asbestos?

Mold resistant clothing


44 – Scaffold castors with wheels shall have ________ to prevent movement of the scaffold when used in the stationary manner.

Positive locks


45 – Who is responsible for providing training when employees are required to enter confined or enclosed spaces?



46 – When an employer is making the decision to buy fall protection safety equipment for his employers, which of the below would he not do?

Talk to workers


47 – How do you attach to the bottom/mid span of a steel bar joist to stabilize the beam?

One row of bolted diagonal erection bridging


48 – What is the first thing you do when setting scaffolds closer than the minimum distance allowed to a power line?

Notify the power / utility company


49 – When you are trying to keep employees from falling through a skylight cut opening in the floor or roof, which of the below would you not do?

Wire warning lines


50 – Who is responsible for providing an Emergency Action Plan for employees?



51 – What is the maximum horizontal distance from the front edge of a scaffold platform to the face of the work?

14 inches


52 – Safety belt lanyards shall be attached to the safety harness in what location?

D ring in middle of back


53 – Using rope for top rails and mid rails on scaffolds is allowed if:

Meet the strength requirements for top rails and mid rails


54 – What is the maximum space when using intermediate members (such as balusters) in between guardrail posts?

19 inches


55 – When there is ice and snow or freezing conditions on working scaffolds, what is the recommended procedure?

You never use


56 – What is the relationship of bearers and runners when using pole scaffolds?

Bearers shall extend a minimum of 3 inches over the outside edge of runners.


57 – When construction is underway on a project, all scrap lumber, waste materials, and rubbish shall be:

– Removed from the work area as the work progresses


58 – When should personnel fall arrest systems be inspected?

Before each use


59 – What type of scaffold requires ropes with metal supports?



60 – What is not used in a welding / cutting operation?

– Oxygen ventilation for blowing away debris


61 – Scaffold planks are required to have all of the following except:

Always cleated at both ends


62 – What type of guard is needed for a power saw?

Above and below the base plate or shoe


63 – According to OSHA classification, sandy soil would be classified as what type of soil?

Type C


64 – Scaffold planks 10 feet in length shall not extend over the supports more than 12 inches unless:

The cantilever portion of the plank is able to support the employee without tipping.


65 – When an employer has moved his employees in a new facility, what is required by OSHA?

The employer must review all of the emergency procedures with each employee


66 – A fall protection plan that is used inside conventional fall protection is permitted when:

Site specification allows


67 – A fully planked or decked floor or nets shall be maintained within _______ whichever is less, directly under any erection work being performed.

2 stories or 30 feet


68 – The proper way to thaw out valves on tank cylinders is:

Use warm water


69 – What is the minimum distance of scaffold legs from a less than 300 volt power line?

3 feet


70 – Which of the tools listed below are not required to have a positive “on-off” control?

Reciprocating saw or skill saw


71 – How do you stack bagged material?

Cross – keying bags every 10 bags high


72 – When wire is used for the top of a guardrail system, what is the spacing of the flags?

6 feet


73 – When a safety instruction class certification is given, which of the below is not needed?

Location or place of class


74 – What does a pocket penetrometer and shear vane measure in soil?



75 – When cleaning dust off equipment what is the proper procedure when using compressed air?

Reduce to less than 30 psi and only with effective chip guarding and personnel protective equipment


76 – What is the maximum distance in a ditch without slope protection?

5 feet

This is a funny worded question. Normally you are required to slope excavations after the ditch is 4 feet maximum. 4 feet was not one of the answers given.


77 – Which of the below is an employer not allowed (required) to furnish?

Portable defibrillator


78 – What is used to get onto or climb a scaffolding platform?

A ladder


79 – Which of the below would you not attach a lanyard to?

A guard rail system


80 – Prior to permitting employees to start a demolition project, the following preparations shall be made except which of the following:

Buildings damaged by fire or flood are not required to be shored


81 – When doing roof decking with mechanical equipment on a roof and the decking is parallel to the equipment, what is the minimum distance that the warning line be placed?

6 feet


82 – What is the proper storage of solvent waste empty volatile containers until disposed of or removed from the jobsite?

Keep in a fire resistant covered container


83 – What is the minimum for the top edge height of handrails used for a fall arrest system on supported scaffolds placed in service prior to January 1, 2000?

36 inches

Note: Scaffolds manufactured and placed in service after January 1, 2000 shall be 38 inches to 45 inches.


84 – When installing pre-stressed walls, what is the maximum horizontal span of scaffoldings that must be tied to the wall for support?

30 feet


85 – An employer is training some new employees on the proper method for setting scaffolds. Which of the below would he not need to instruct these new employees?

Modify the scaffold


86 – Work is being performed on a steep-slope roof with unprotected sides and edges at 8 feet above the lower level. If a guardrail system is already in place what should be attached to it?

Toe boards


87 – A carpenter is working above ground, what is the maximum he is allowed to work without fall protection?

Less than 6 feet


88 – A ladder is used against a wall that is 28 feet tall. What is the minimum the bottom of the ladder should be from the wall?

7 feet


89 – If you are performing cement plaster work over 8 feet off the ground, where would you hook or clip your safety lanyard to?

Center of back on a D-ring


90 – What is the total weight used to drop test a safety net?

400 pounds


91 – How much weight shall the top rail of a handrail support?

200 pounds


92 – Any space having a limited means of egress which is subject to the accumulation of toxic or flammable contaminants or has an oxygen deficient atmosphere would be called:

Confined space


93 – The maximum deflection allowable of a guardrail used as a part of a fall protection system is____.

3 inches


94 – If a rope is used as a guardrail, which of the below would be correct?

Checked as often as necessary


95 – What type of scaffold consists of a platform supported by two essentially horizontal and parallel ropes attached to structural members?



96 – When the span of a steel joist is 100 feet long, what is the correct procedure for installing the diagonal bridging before releasing crane cables?

All need to be bolted down


97 – When is the minimum height that midrails would be necessary on a guardrail system?

21 inches


98 – Which type of power tool would require training?

Powder actuated power


99- According to OSHA standards a “Kick Out” is due to which of the following:

Failure of cross bracing


100 – There is a crawling board that runs from the eave to the roof peak. What is required at the end of the crawling board?

Ridge hook


101 – Which of the following is correct regarding work in trenches that have water in them?

3 – The water removal equipment and operations shall be monitored by a competent person to ensure proper operation


102 – How often are the contents of a CFR first aid kit checked by the employer?



103 – What is the distance that a ladder is angled from the top if the ladder is 28 feet high?

7 feet


104 – When horizontal lifelines are used for fall protection on a scaffold, what are they secured to?

– Two or more structural members


105 – How close can portable heaters be placed to a tarpaulin?

10 feet


106 – What is the maximum distance a scaffold outrigger be placed from a stucco wall?

18 inches


107 – When erecting permanent steel floors the most floors where there is unfinished bolting or welding above the foundation or uppermost permanently secured floor is.

No more than 4 floors or 48 feet


108 – When should shear connectors be attached to top of joists?

After the metal decking has been installed


109 – What is the minimum width of a platform before fall protection is needed?

18 inches


110 – Which of the below would not be suitable to attach a fall protection lanyard to?



111 – What determines the fall protection plan in a residential area for precast / prestressed concrete if conventional fall protection is infeasible?

Site specifically


112 – What tool requires a top and bottom guard?

Circular saw


113 – When is oxygen not used for in welding operations?

Ventilation purposes


114 – Before being used OSHA requires rubber gloves to be:

Tested with air


115 – OSHA requires that compressed gas cylinders be moved by:

Tilting and rolling on bottom edge


116 – Which of the below finishes are not allowed on wood scaffold planks?



117 – A worker is grouting masonry wall 8 feet above the ground. Which of the below is needed?

3 – All of these or alternate fall protection plan by employer


118 – What is the minimum size and working load weight required using a lanyard for fall protection?

1/2 inch with work breaking at 5000 pounds


119 – Which of the below is required for covering a roof or floor opening?

1 – Painted with high visibility paint or color coded
2 – Marked with the word hole or cover
3 – Shall support twice the weight of employees
4 – Any of the above


120 – Which of the following is not allowed even as an exception if you are not able to use one of the approved fall protection plans for tie-off?

lanyard with a snaphook clipped onto itself


121 – What is required for a brick mason scaffold when the front edge of the platform is 10 inches from the face of the work?

No additional fall protection required if it is less than 14 inches


122 – Which of the below could a safety lanyard be attached to?

Structure part of the building