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According to the MRC-350, aircraft must be washed every _____________ days at sea and every 14 days ashore.

A. 10
B. 14
C. 7
D. 5

C. 7


The spar of the main rotor blade is pressurized with _____________.

A. Oxygen
B. Titanium
C. Copper Beryllium
D. Nitrogen

D. Nitrogen


APU fuel consumption at rated power is _____________ pounds per hour.

A. 250
B. 150
C. 350
D. 850

B. 150


The Main Gearbox (MGB) drives and supports the main rotor. It has of modular design with a built-in _____________ forward tilt.

A. 20 degree
B. 7 degree
C. 3 degree
D. 12 degree

C. 3 degree


T/F. A selector valve placed in 1 of 4 port positions directs hydraulic fluid from the hand pump reservoir (holding 1.3 quarts of hydraulic fluid) to the three pump modules or to the rotor brake master cylinder. The priority valve opens at a minimum pressure of 2500 psi. It closes at 2150 psi - 2250 psi to isolate the rescue hoist in the event of a reduction in hydraulic pressure.

A. True
B. False

A. True


The pressure utilized in most military high performance aircraft is 3000 psi, although some new aircraft hydraulic systems operate between ______________.

A. 6000-8000
B. 4000-8000
C. 4000-6000
D. 2150- 2250

B. 4000-8000


Measured as the difference of potential of 2 charges of interest.

A. Current (I)
B. Voltage (E)
C. Resistance (R)
D. Hertz (Hz)

B. Voltage


The generator is rated at ______________ hz.

A. 115
B. 400
C. 200
D. 20

B. 400


_____________ provides power for the D.C. Essential Bus and provides power to the APU for starting.

A. APU Pump
B. Battery
C. No. 2 Generator
D. No. 1 AC Primary Bus

B. Battery


The rescue hoist contains a _____________ to sheer the cable in an emergency.

A. Cable cutter
B. Cartridge Actuated Device (CAD)
C. RR-144
D. MJU-49

B. Cartridge Actuated Device (CAD)


There are 2 types of torpedoes deployed by the MH 60R; the _____________ and _____________.

A. MK-50, MK-54
B. MK-46, MK-50
D. MK-46, MK-54

D. MK-46, MK-54


The HELLFIRE missile is suspended on the aircraft utilizing the _____________ HELLFIRE Missile Launcher.

A. M299
B. MK 39
C. BRU-14
D. WGU-59/B

A. M299


The M240 machine gun weighs _____________ pounds.

A. 42.3
B. 7.62
C. 25.6
D. 26.5

C. 25.6


The LAU-61G/A aircraft rocket launcher is a digital launcher designed to contain 19 _____________ inch rockets and consists of a center section and forward and aft thermal/radar hazard barriers.

A. 3.75
B. 2.75
C. 4.75
D. 1.75

B. 2.75


_____________ is worn by aircrew flying in rotary winged and most Fixed-Wing Non-Ejection Seat aircraft.

A. HGU-84
B. SDU-39
C. MK-79 Mod 0
D. CMU-33A

D. CMU-33A


The LPU-34B/P is equipped with _____________ manually operated inflation devices.

A. 1
B. 2
C. 0
D. None of the above

B. 2


The rescue hoist speed is variable from _____________ feet per minute (fpm) for the breeze-eastern.

A. 0-250
B. 0-215
C. 0-100
D. 0-85

B. 0-215


The shallow family depth setting for an AN/SSQ-62E is ________, ________, and ________ feet.

A. 50, 150, 300
B. 25, 150, 375
C. 90, 400, 1500
D. 150, 250, 350

A. 50, 150, 300