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What is SORM?

Standard Organization and Regulations


What is the US Navy SORM Instruction?



What is the command's SORM Instruction?

HSM35INST 3120.1


What is the command's mission?

Provide expeditionary combat-ready MH-60R detachments for deployment onboard aviation capable ships as part of deployed naval forces.


What are the duties of the CO?

The CO is ultimately responsible for those under his/her command and their actions.


Who is our CO?

CDR Kathleen Ellis


What are the duties of the XO?

XO is primarily charged with the organization, performance of duty, and good order and discipline of the entire command.


Who is our XO?

CDR Joseph Murphy


What are the duties of the CMC?

The senior enlisted advisor to the command on the formulation and implementation of policies pertinent to morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline, utilization and training of enlisted personnel.


What are the duties of the DH?

Reports to the CO on matters pertaining to the operational readiness of the department. Responsible for the effective administration, operation, duties, and personnel assigned to the department. Plans, directs and supervises personnel work, training readiness, controls allotted funds, ensures security and material condition of spaces, department records, and all equipment assigned.


What are the duties of the DIVO?

Responsible to the DH for the performance of assigned duties and operational readiness of the division. Responsible for conduct, training, and professional growth of subordinates, and charged to follow regulations and orders of the CO and other superiors.


Who is your DIVO?

CWO2 Maria Zorrilla/LTJG Michael Dominik


What are the duties of the Division LCPO?

Representative of the DIVO in all matters that pertain to the division. Responsible for the organization, administration and operation of the division and its assigned personnel and material in support of the overall mission of the command.


Who is your Division LCPO?

Chief Gloria Ordaz


What are the duties of the LPO?

Designated by the DIVO and normally will be the senior FCPO. Will assist LCPO and DIVO in the organization, administration and operation of the division and it's assigned personnel.


Who is your LPO?

PO1 Walter Smith


What are the duties of the workcenter supervisor?

Primary job is to respond to the hour-by-hour workcenter functions which requires constant communication throughout the chain of command. Responsible for the personnel under their supervision.


What does CMEO/EOPS stand for? What are the CMEO/EOPS duties?

Command Managed Equal Opportunity/Equal Opportunity Program Specialist. Direct representative to the CO/XO in regards the command's EO program. Develops and establishes criteria for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the EO program.


Who is the CMEO/EOPS?

Chief Hampton Trainer


What are the duties of the CCC?

Establishes and maintains an effective career counseling program by disseminating information and providing career guidance, counseling, and interviews to personnel. Ensures that current programs and opportunities are available to all crew members.


Who is the CCC?

Petty Officer DeMarcus Lancaster


What are the duties of the Ombudsman?

CO appointed, link between the command and families of command personnel. Performs varied services, such as keeping the CO informed about family morale and problems families are facing. Assisting families needing different services.


Who is our command Ombudsman?

Mrs. Rodriguez


What are the duties of the CFS?

Provides financial counseling and assistance to members in their command which includes budgets, financial planning, investment opportunities, debt consolidation, etc.


Who is our CFS?

Petty Officer Cristine Civil


What does DAPA stand for?

Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor. Responsible directly to the CO for command implementation of the Navy Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Program (NADAP). Conducts personnel screenings, conduct command awareness education, monitor aftercare, act as the command referral agent, and prepare reports and correspondence.


What are the duties of the SECMAN?

Responsible to the CO for all matters involving security of classified information. Duties include document classification management, personnel security, security education/training, and physical measures for the protection of classified information.


What are the duties of the Physical Security Officer?

Aids the CO regarding adequacy of physical security. Provides a positive command program to prevent malicious damage/theft of gov't and personal property.


What is physical security?

The protection of a material entity from disruption of it's safe or secure state.


What are the duties of the Detachment Liaison Officer?

Serves as an assistant to the CO, XO and OPSO in maintaining communication lines between deployed units and the parent squadron.