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-lack a cell wall, pleomorphic
-small, 200-250nm, can pass through filters
-may demonstrate filamentous growth
-colonies have a "fried egG" apperance
-mycoplasma pneumoniae causes mild pneumonia



-gram negative coccoid bacteria
-obligate intracellular parasites
-no peptidoglycan in cell wall, grow intracellularly within host cell
-size of 200-300nm
-infective agent is the elementary body
-transmitted by interpersonal contact or airborne
-does NOT require insects or ticks for transmission


examples of clamydiae

1. chlamydia trachomatis causes trachoma dna nongonococcal urethritis
2. chlamydophila psittaci causes respiratory psittacosis (ornithosis)
3. chlamydophila pneumoniae causes mild form of pneumonia in young adults



-gram negative rod-shaped or coccobacilli
-obligate intracellular parasites
-300-1000nm size
-transmitted via insects or tick bites
-enter host cell by inducing phagocytosis
-damage permeability of blood capillaries and result in spotted rash


examples of rickettsia

(Causes spotted fevers)
1. R. prowazekii: epidemic typhus transmitted by lice
2. R. typhi: endemic murine typhus transmitted by rat fleas
3. R. rickettsii: Rocky Mountain spotted fever, transmitted by ticks