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Huron Carol

  • Jean DeBrefeuf
  • Christmas story with Indian imagery


A Model of Christian Charity

  • A sermon by John Winthrop
    • Governor of MA Bay Colony
  • Emphasized Puritan's covanent with God
    • "City upon a hill"
  • Christians must maintain the highest standard of their faith


Spirituall Milk for Boston Babes in Either England

  • John Cotton
  • A catechism for Puritan children and those looking to have a conversion narrative


Wonders of the Invisible World

  • Cotton Mather
  • A defense of the Salem Witch Trials
  • Reveals the Puritans' fears of evil in their ranks


John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson

  • Expresses Deist beliefs
  • Contains foundational beliefs of America's founding documents


Letter to the Town of Providence on the Limits of Religious Liberty

  • Roger Williams
    • founded Providence, RI
  • Clarifies the relationship of religious liberty and civil responsibility


A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Established the freedom of religion in VA
    • first state to do this
  • Aimed to rid VA from the remnants of established religion


Articles of Faith

  • Joseph Smith
    • founder/prophet of the Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Numbered list (creed) of the foundations of Mormon faith


Black Elk Speaks

  • (Nicholas) Black Elk
  • Autobiographical story of Black Elk becoming a healer
  • Published in 1932
  • Recounts live's of Lakota
  • Recounts the terrors of the battle of Wounded Knee


Narrative of the Life of an American Slave

  • Frederick Douglass' autobiography
  • Expresses the disparity between the masters' and the slaves' religion
  • Very popular publication


Life and Religious Experience

  • Jarena Lee
    • first woman ordained to preach in the African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Personal account of her female struggles to preach


Appeal to Christian Women of the South

  • Angelina Grimke
    • fled the south due to disdain of slavery
  • Addressed directly to the women of the south to abolish slavery
  • Renowned as a biblically referenced refutation of soutern slavery


Essay on Slavery and Abolitionism

  • Catharine E. Beecher
    • advocate of female education
  • A response to Angelina Grimke's "Appeal to Christian Women of the South"
  • Opposes strict abolition of slavery
  • Women should not be involved in politics


The Christian Doctrine of Slavery

  • George D. Armstrong
  • Pro slavery doctrine
    • pulls from parts of the bible
      • far removed from biblical antislavery