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According to the conclusion of the first chapter of Religion in American Life, during the colonial period, the five major religious groups in the New World ___.



Sublimus Deus (1537) is an example of a _____ source.



Which of the eight “constitutively American circumstances” is Peter Williams referring to below?

“Protestant denominations who found themselves in a highly competitive market situation in the nineteenth century after the legal abolition of any religious establishment resorted to the promotional techniques of the emergent economic order in their quest for a maximal ‘market share.’”



Of the five significant religious groups of colonial America, which emphasized the idea that salvation was the exclusive gift of sovereign God that could not be earned by human effort?



Which of the eight “constitutively American circumstances” is Peter Williams referring to below?

“The consequence for religion, naturally, has been the importation of the traditions of every populated continent to these shores as the stuff of out of which America’s religious communities have evolved. The net result has been an ever-changing, de facto pluralism of religions and cultures that make up the American mosaic."



The "Huron Carol," which sought to tell the Christmas story, not only in the language of, but with the cultural and even religious images of Native Americans, is exemplary of the evangelism style of Jesuit missionaries in New ______.



According to tradition, the Indian _____ had a vision of the Virgin Mary in Guadalupe, Mexico in 1531. The Virgin of Guadalupe has since become an object of devotion and an important Mexican cultural symbol.

Juan Diego


____ originally managed a plantation with Indian slaves, but in 1514 he had a change of heart. As a priest, Dominican friar, and missionary he defended the rights and dignity of South American Indians on both sides of the Atlantic and cataloged Spanish abuses of the Indians in his History of the Indies and his Apologetic History.

Bartolome de Las Casas


Sublimus Deus by Pope Paul III____ the enslavement of the Indians.



___ told the story of the Pilgrims' migration, first from England to Holland, then from Holland to Plymouth, Massachusetts, finding signs of God's providence throughout the whole narrative.

William Bradford


The Puritans were _____ in theology.



Who is the author of the following quote? "What is your corrupt nature? My corrupt nature is empty of Grace, bent unto sin, and only unto sin, and that continually."

John Cotton


One particularly Puritan form of sermon is called the _____, often preached during a of crisis to decry the community’s sins and warn it to repent or face judgment.



John Kimball claimed that Susanna Martin attacked him through the use of ______.

Demon puppies


Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony made a point saying they were ____ the Church of England.

not separating from


The Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts in ______.



Which of the following was not a belief of the New England Puritans?

God foreknows but does not foreordain who will be saved. People have the freedom to accept or reject God's grace.


In a famous sermon,_____ encouraged the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay to share each others' concerns and, if necessary, each others' wealth--to work together, rejoice and suffer together, in order to serve as an example of Christian love to the whole world.

John Winthrop


When Wonders of the Invisible World recalls “several testified that the shape of the prisoner did oftentimes very grievously pinch them, choke them, bite them, and afflict them, urging them to write their names in a book…,” it is giving an example of the _____ evidence used in the Salem witch trials.



Observers of the ____ of 1801 saw worshipers weep uncontrollably, laugh, twitch, run in circles, and even fall to their knees barking like dogs.

Cane Ridge Revival


In 1741, the Puritan divine, _____ delivered a famous sermon warning about the dangers of hell, which played a role in launching the First Great Awakening

Jonathan Edwards


Which statement below is closest to the actual language of the First Amendment to the US Constitution?

Congress will not establish a religion or prohibit the free exercise of religion.


Thomas Jefferson and James Madison supported _____ of religion in Virginia.



Who wrote in a letter (to paraphrase) that he could not believe that three equaled one or one equaled three, even if he beheld the glory of God and heard a voice from heaven telling him it was so?

John Adams


Thomas Paine attacked ____ as being not only irrational but immoral.

the Bible itself


_____ was the term coined in the 19th century to describe the piety that grew from the revivals of both the First and Second Great Awakenings.



Which of the following is prohibited by the US Department of Education’s policy on “Religious Expression” at public schools?

School officials announcing and encouraging participation in a religious baccalaureate service


Patrick Henry supported _____ of religion in Virginia.

Multiple Establishment


Which of the following statements best summarizes Roger Williams' central analogy in his “Letter to the Town of Providence on the Limits of Religious Liberty?"

The captain of the ship represents the civil government, which has the right to preserve the common good, but not to impose religious duties.


Seneca Falls was the location of ____.

a women's rights convention of 1848


Which of the following is an element on Native American spirituality?

Making exchanges and maintaining balance


Scholars of religious studies would call Black Elk a ____, someone who communicates with the spirit world and performs healing rituals.



____ started the Ghost Dance, a religious ritual that combined Native American spirituality with Christian apocalypticism.



In contrast to the New England Puritans, the Moravian missionaries of New York and Pennsylvania practiced a/an ____ style of evangelism.



Nineteenth century reform movements for education, literacy, temperance, antislavery, etc. were ______.

supported by both evangelicals and liberal religionists


New American Indian movements like the Catawba nation practiced ____ combining various tribal rituals with some Christian elements to create a new religion.



_______, a Shawnee and brother of Tecumseh, was a reforming prophet of the mid-19th century who called for intertribal cooperation, separation between whites and Indians, and a ban on the use of alcohol.



Latter Day Saints fondly refer to ____ as “the prophet” who was instructed in a religious vision to retrieve the golden plates that contained the Book of Mormon.

Joseph Smith


____, the second prophet president of the Latter-day Saints, famously said “This is the place,” when the Mormon pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City.

Brigham Young


Our textbook, Religion in American Life, gives ____ as an example of an immediatist abolitionist.

William Lloyd Garrison


Former slave ____ became the first pastor of Bethel Church in Philadelphia and the first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal denomination in 1816.

Richard Allen


Our primary source example of a proslavery writer is ____.

George Armstrong


"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" are examples of ____.



According to Francis LeJau, "any desire to free yourself from the duty you owe your master" is ____.

NOT an appropriate reason for a slave to recieve Christian baptism


Shamanic religious practitioners, multiple deities, and a natural world infused with spiritual power are characteristic of ___.

African traditional religions and Native American religions


Catherine Beecher essentially said ___.

slavery is wrong, but ladies should not get mired in politics


Angelina Grimké essentially said ___.

slavery is wrong and women should do something about it


The "Invisible Institution refers to ____.

slave churches in the south


African American slaves began to convert to Christianity in great numbers ____.

after 1750, through the efforts of Baptists and Methodists


____ intended to say this in his closing argument at the Scopes Trial: “A bloody, brutal doctrine—evolution—demands, as the rabble did 1900 years ago, that [Jesus] be crucified. That cannot be the answer of this jury, representing a Christian State and sworn to uphold [its] laws.”

William Jennings Bryan


The Princeton theologian _____ argued that liberal Protestants, in their efforts to reconcile Christianity with modern science had really surrendered all that is distinctive about Christianity.

J Gresham Machen


Who among Kevin Roose's friends and family were especially worried about his being in the social climate of Liberty University?

His lesbian aunts Tina and Teresa


In addition to inventing Cornflakes, John Kellogg was a ___.

Seventh Day Adventist


Robert Ingersoll was a prominent American ____.



Which idea is Charles Augustus Briggs most associated with in our reading?

Human authorship of the Bible


Write two sentences describing one specific example of the culture shock Kevin Roose experienced at Liberty University regarding one of the following issues. Give a page number from the book for the example. 1. Attitudes toward gender and sexuality 2. Attitudes regarding science and other intellectual assumptions 3. Religious expression at church services and among students in the dorm

3. Students showed religious expression frequently, at all hours of the day. In the dorm, they would pray daily or even more often. The leader of Liberty, Rev. Jerry Falwell states that prayer is the key to a successful christian life. page 1


Which idea is Charles Darwin most associated with in our reading?

The evolutionary origins of human beings


Walter Rauschenbusch was a proponent of the ___, which sought justice for the urban poor through long-term solutions, including supporting labor unions and trying to change laws to provide government regulation of private industry.

Social Gospel


Newspaper publisher William Hearst ordered his editors to promote ___especially because of the evangelist’s anti-communism.

Billy Graham


Will Herberg wrote in the 1950s that the American"common religion," was ____.

The American Way of Life


_____ said, “Our form of government makes no sense unless it is founded on a deeply religious faith, and I don’t care what that faith is.

Dwight Eisenhower


“The individual’s insight alone is unable to cope with all the problems of living. It is the guidance of tradition on which we must rely, and whose norms we must learn to interpret and to apply. We must learn not only the ends but also the means by which we realize the ends; not only the general laws but also the particular forms,” is a quote from ____.

Abraham Heschel


According to ___, “Nations, as individuals, may be assailed by contradictory temptations. They may be tempted to flee the responsibilities of their power or refuse to develop their potentialities. But they may also refuse to recognize the limits of their possibilities and seek greater power than is given to mortals.

Reinhold Niebuhr


In the decade of the ___, Congress added the phrase “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.



In The Unlikely Disciple, how did professor Ergun Caner encourage Liberty University students to respond to the "blasphemy challenge" made by the atheist group, the Rational Response Squad?

Defend traditional Christian faith on rational grounds.


Rabbi Isaac Meyer Wise was an important 19th century leader in the ____ branch of Judaism in the United States



Which of the following best summarizes The Pittsburgh Platform?

Some aspects of Torah, i.e. love of God and neighbor, are eternally valid; other aspects, i.e. dietary regulations, are not valid for modern times.


What do the theologies of Joshua Liebman, Fulton Sheen, and Norman Vincent Peale have in common?

They all want people to feel good


Write two or three sentences on the following question: How did Kevin Roose, the author of The Unlikely Disciple, spend his spring break from Liberty University, and what did he learn from the experience?

Kevin Roose spent his spring break in FL on a mission trip. Him and his peers were attempting to save the college students and bikers who were having a semi nude drinking festival. Roose learned many things, but he especially learned how devoted his peers were to saving other people.


Which of the following statements is closest to Mary Daly’s position?

A genuine religious community of women should separate from Christianity and other traditional religions.


Elijah Muhammad, whom the Nation of Islam called a “messenger” of Allah, was a religious leader in the ___ century CE.



Which of the following statements is closest to Lynn Japinga’s position?

A theologian should honestly acknowledge that her conclusions are necessarily influenced by her experience.


Fill in the blank using Martin Luther King’s exact words: “_____ is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Injustice anywhere


Malcolm X’s “second conversion” (around 1964) was ___.

from the Nation of Islam to traditional Islam


According to Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," someone who breaks an unjust law as an act of protest should____.

be willing accept the penalty


According to Lynn Japinga, the most pressing question facing feminist theologians is____.

Can Christian faith be a positive force in women’s lives when it says so much that is negative about women?


Which of the following statements is correct?

The Montgomery bus boycott was in 1955. The Birmingham protest was in 1963.


Who was the first ordained woman Rabbi in the United States?

Sally Priesand


_____, founder of the Moral Majority and author of Listen America!, was the virtual leader of the political Religious Right in the 1980s.

Jerry Falwell


Roe versus Wade was ____.

a Supreme Court decision of 1973 that effectively legalized abortion in the United States


According to Randall Balmer, the real original historical catalyst for the Religious Right was____.

a conflict between the federal government and Bob Jones University


According to our reading, the Sodom and Gomorrah story is not a good source for ethical decision making about homosexuality because ____.

The story is too indirect. It is not clear that the immorality it condemns is homosexuality.


The Religious Right threw their support behind presidential candidate ____in 1980.

Ronald Reagan


In our case study, if Shepherd Presbyterian Church were to become a “More Light,” they would ____.

affirm that openly gay people may be ordained to ministry, and therefore be in opposition to the definitive guidance given by the Presbyterian General Assembly.


Which of the following is not one of three options presented to the session at Shepherd Presbyterian Church regarding the “More Light” proposal?

Have more coffee


Which of the following biblical texts, according to our reading "More Light," is not relevant for understanding the biblical stance on homosexuality?

Genesis 19


The election of ____ as president in 1976 represented the return, after some 50 years, of evangelicals to the political process.

Jimmy Carter


Tony Campolo, as he was described in Religion in American Life and presented in the documentary, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory, ____.

shared much of the theology of the Religious Right, but advocated more liberal political positions


In paraphrase, ___ said that people misunderstand Islam when they define it as essentially violent.

Council of American Islamic Relations


Balmer describes Bill McCartney's ____ as the latest manifestation of muscular Christianity, a series of initiatives to make Christianity more attractive to men.

Promise Keepers


Why is Shirley MacLaine mentioned in our textbook?

She is a spokeswoman for the New Age movement.


Randall Balmer defined the New Age movement as a ____ of spiritual practices and beliefs.



In our reading, ___ is the view that one particular tradition alone teaches the truth and constitutes the way to salvation.



According to John Hick, when we use the term philosophically, “religious pluralism” refers to____.

a theory that the world’s religions are different conceptions of one divine reality


When Barack Obama says, "We can acknowledge that oppression will always be with us, and still strive for justice. We can admit the intractability of deprivation, and still strive for dignity. We can understand that there will be war, and still strive for peace," he shows the influence of what 20th century theologian, whom we have read, who emphasizes both tragedy of human sin and limitations and the necessity for responsible action.

Reinhold Niebuhr


In paraphrase, ___ said that the three world faiths have the potential to be both redemptive and violent.

Richard Rodriguez


In paraphrase, ___ said that Islam is an essentially violent religion.

Franklin Graham


According to John Hick, when we use the term phenomenonologically, “religious pluralism” refers to ____.

The fact that there are many different religions and many variations within religions