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What are the key features?

Very diverse but all have same body plan
trochophore larve stage
not segmented


What is the radula?

used to feed


What are the different classes?

Gastropoda, Bivalvia, Cephalopodia


Describe gastropods

Snails, limpets and slugs, coiled shell, bilateral symmetry, terrestrial and aqautic


Describe bivalves

Clams and oysters
shell divided in two halves, powerful adductor muscles to close shell. no distinct head, some have eyes and sensory tentacles along edge of shell, mantle cavity contains gills adapted for feeding, most sedentary


Describe cephalopoda

Squid and cephalopods, active predators, beak like jaws, modified foot - siphon for swimming, mantle cavity used for buoyancy, closed circulatory system, well developed CNS, memory and learning