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What are risk factors for delayed healing?

Smoking, immunosuppressed, bone pathology, poor hygiene
Technical: posterior teeth, traumatic xla, inappropriate irrigation


What is MRONJ?

Medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw
Exposed bone > 8 week
No hx RT
Medication linked MRONJ
No episode osteonecrosis outside craniofacial skeleton


Medications associated MRONJ

Monoclonal ab = denosumab
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors = sunitinib
RANK ligand inhibitors


Management of MRONJ

Risk osteonecrosis
Pre-tx: dental assessment, removal teeth hopeless prognosis
During: prevention - OHI, preventative tx
XLA: referral
Tx: trimming bone can cause further necrosis, use chlorhexidine


Why MRONJ occur?

Anti-angiogensis - compromised blood supply
Direct toxicity to cells within bone
Toxic to overlying soft tissue