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What AR covers MWR & BOSS?

AR 215-1


Who is the senior enlisted adviser to the BOSS council, and approves members selected to serve on BOSS committees?

The installation CSM


According to AR 215-1, what does the BOSS program provide?

The BOSS program provides opportunities for active duty soldiers, with an emphasis on single and unaccompanied soldiers, to participate in physical, self-development, leisure and educational related services.


What are the 3 pillars of BOSS?

Recreation and leisure, community service, and quality of life


How many officers are on the BOSS council?

Three: president, vice-president, and secretary and treasure


What is the lowest level unit that has a BOSS council representative?

The company level.


What type of program is BOSS?

BOSS is categorized as a category B MWR program.


What does the BOSS program enable soldiers to do through it's objectives?

Improve quality of life.
Provide opportunity to participate in community activities.
Enhance morale.
Maintain standards of conduct
Provide leisure activities to single soldiers.


What is meant by recreation and leisure?

Activities and events that refresh the body or mind and are structured to fit the lifestyle of soldiers.


What is meant by quality of life?

QoL includes those aspects of life that Soldiers can directly or indirectly influence to enhance their morale, living environment, or personal growth and development. Quality of life areas include those that provide an immediate impact to Soldier concerns, such as barracks, dining facilities, operating hours of various garrison facilities, work orders, etc.


What is meant by community service?

Community service includes a service, activity, or project that makes a difference in the lives of others in the community, which may include both the military and the civilian communities


What are some of the programs BOSS provides?

Bingo, bowling, casino games, child, youth and school services, and community service recreation


How many days does the MWR program have to deposit army recreation machine program (ARMP) funds after collection?

1 working day


WHat establishment of operations of the MWR program is subject to the SOFA agreement?

All operations overseas


What type of contract is prohibited when booking professional entertainment?

Verbal contracts


What AR is used to cost and quality of the MWR activties/facilities at each army installation?

AR 210-14 (The Army Installation Status Report Program)


What does SOFA stand for?

Status of forces agreement