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What are the virulence factors of N. gonorrhoeae?

Pili, LOS, opa, porins A and B, IgA protease


How is it categorized? (6 things)

Gram neg, diplococci, aerobic/facultative, catalase-pos, oxidase-pos, human-restricted


How is growth of N. gonorrhoeae on blood agar? What are your alternatives for growth?

Inhibited and overgrown by normal flora on nonselective media; Thayer-Martin if normal flora (genital, nasopharyngeal), chocolate if normally-sterile (CSF, blood)


How does the host defend against N. gonorr? What predisposes to complications?

IgG-enhanced complement and PMNs, containing gonococcus;
Complement deficiency


_______ gonococcus in women leads to ________

Asymptomatic/untreated; PID


What four things can follow bacteremia?

Serous complications: DGI, septic arthritis, meningitis, endocarditis


How do you protect neonates from N. gonorr?

Prophylactic eye ointment (avoid blindness)


How do you test for N. gonorr?

Test with culture and gram stain; DNA testing available


What does Greenblatt love to say for protection against gonorrhea? How can you treat these patients?

Ceftriaxone, cefotaxime; admit if complications


Chlamydia is a _____, ______ ______ bacterium. What drugs do you have to use?

small, obligate intracellular;
Those that penetrate human cell membrane


How does chlamydia begin its replication?

tiny, infectious, rugged EB's which unpack into RB's after infection


What do RB's form? How do they then multiply? What is later made?

Intracellular inclusions visible on microscopy; binary fission; new RB's and later new EB's


What is T3SS?

Virulence factor used for entry and establishing inclusion body


What four things can C trachomatis cause?

Lymphogranuloma Venereum, blinding trachoma, pneumonia, and urogenital "chlamydia"


Treatment for chlamydia can often be initiated how? What else can be done?

Physical findings; additional diagnostics that could help with something like tissue culture for C trachomatis in rape victims


How do you treat C trachomatis? When is it contraindicated? Again, what does she advocate for protection?

Tetracyclines (doxycycline) except for pregnant/pediatric/allergic patients, who could get erythromycin or other alternatives (still need to make sure you follow up with them); CONDOMS!!!