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-determines the way a film “regulates our access to a fluctuating field of information”
-process by which story information is made available to us via the plot
-refers to the manner in which those story events are presented to us
-involves not just what plot presents, but also how it does, style is central to its operations(regulates knowledge)
-ongoing process, dynamic
-links narrative + style


unrestricted narration

-spectator’s knowledge exceeds that of a single character and thereby encompasses multiple characters, lines of action, types of information


restricted narration

-spectator’s knowledge is limited to that of a single character


subjective narration

-linked to interiority and/or a character’s particular vantage
-POV shots, internal sound, flashbacks, timbre (how we hear them)


objective narration

-linked to exteriority and/or a disembodied perspective
-disembodied: not associated with any body, distance vantage


communicative and uncommunicative narration

-degree of info provided, how forthcoming it is with info
-communicative: when information is readily offered up
-uncommunicative: when information is withheld


self-conscious narration

-extent to which the film through narration tells its recognition of the audience
-Extreme signaled by overt demonstration of power to supply info
-moment when act of narrating brings attention to itself
-directly addresses us, sometimes us alone
-unself-conscious: invisible, doesn't draw attention


Analyzing film narration

-considering three factors: knowledge, communicativeness, and self- consciousness
-move betw. the various modes since diff. methods of distributing story information will suit the film’s purposes better at different times
-analysis can happen diff. scales: on whole film, separate scene, can trace flow of info from 1 shot to the next



-pertains to how much and what kind of information the narration provides, and it is typically described in terms of range and depth


Range of narration

-continuum from restricted-unrestricted


Depth of narration




-degree to which the narration willingly supplies information when it can be made available


Hitchcock: surprise vs. suspense

-LS: we see guy putting bomb under desk, wait for it to go off=suspense
-MS: we don't see the bomb until it is about to go off or goes off=surprise


Disparity of Knowledge

-distribute knowledge unevenly
-how much do we have?