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Up to how many days can it take for a paper version to be delivered after a Technical Manual (TM) is posted to the Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Service Center (NATEC) website?



Digital distribution is an available option in some cases for Technical Manual Logistics Managers for changes to manuals that are how many pages or less?



Rapid Action Changes (RACs) and Interim Rapid Action Changes (IRACs) must be incorporated into the affected Technical Manuals (TMs) (paper copy) within how many work days upon receipt by the work center?



What provide urgent Technical Manual (TM) change data and were developed to expedite the issuance of technical information, which relates to the safety of personnel/flight, aircraft grounding, mission capability/fleet readiness, equipment damage, and/or environmental impact restrictions? 

Rapid Action Changes (RACs)


How many types are Interim Rapid Action Changes (IRACs) issued in?



Which type of Interim Rapid Action Change (IRAC) is issued as a naval message to provide urgent Technical Manual (TM) change data, with the exception of graphic images, schematics, and wiring diagrams which are unsuitable for delivery by naval message?

Type A


If a Work Package (WP) manual is a single work package manual containing 50 pages or less it may be changed or may be revised when the total of changed pages and pages being changed exceeds what percent of the total pages in the manual?