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Describe Site-level navigation

*encompasses issues pertaining to understanding
*moving through inforrmati


What is a navigational system?

*a visual representation of an organizational structure


What are the 3 types of navigation systems?

*Ad hoc
(most common is hierarchical, with many ad hoc links added


What 3 main strategies will help you to create an effective navigation system?

*Choose an appropriate navigation system that reflects the content's organizational structure
*Choose visual navigation elements that build context for a user
*Be aware of the built-in services provided by Web browsers, and take full advantage of them


Describe Global navigation

*consistently on every page of site
*navigation options for the entire site
*typically useful for small and simple websites


How to show more levels in the hierarchy

*Drop-downs or pull downs can show the next level


Describe Breadcrumbs

*helpful with websites that have 3 levels or more
*display a record of links that the user clicked in the process of traveling to the current page
*a record of a user's trail through the site
(ex: "Projects List > Computer Graphics"user clicked in Computer Graphics page)


What are Subsites?

*is a collection of pages within the website that can share a common navigation system, 1 different perhaps different from the entire website as a whole


Describe Local navigation

*helps users with accessing a subsite and complements the site's global navigation


What are Ad hoc navigation systems?

*are additional links that can help make the connections required by the contents relationships


Describe Database-driven navigational system

*implements a database organizational structure
*rarely a sites main navigation system
* prominently uses a database system


What does building context mean?

*helping users understand where they are and where they are going while visiting a site.


What are Navigation elements?

*are visual organizations of text and graphics that display a user's options and current position in a site.
*navigation bars and menus are most common forms


Describe Navigation bars

*are effective for implementing both global and local navigation systems
*collection of links that are grouped together on a page
*contain text-based and graphical types


What are Labels?

are words presented as links in a navigation bar and represent paths to subsets of information held on a site.
*ex: Home - The main entry point of a website, generally containing the top-level links to the site


What is a Frame?

*A scrollable pane that continuously occupies the same position in the browser window while a user navigates the site.


What is a Site map?

*A graphical representation of a site's information architecture


What are the 2 types of Site maps?

*takes work
*for a big site,must be selective
*cool - for a small site


What are some built-in browser features?

*History of pages visited
*Back/Forward buttons
*Color coding of links (unvisited, visited, and active)


What are some Page-level navigation aids?

*Remember proximity, alignment, consistency: make the layout obvious
*Make size of text box appropriate to the amount of data
(How man forms filled out, where text boxes too small)
*Show which fields are required with * or "Required"
8Make button placement consistent:before or after its associated text


How do you make Error reports clear?

*Say explicitly what the problem is
*Change color of offending box ( wrong input entered)
*Show as many errors as possible on 1 page
*Don't make a user re-enter correct data