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What is the pathway of the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve?

Beings at the dorsal rami of S1-S3
Decends down posterior thigh deep to fascia latae
Pierces fascia lata posterior to the knee
Here is gives off perforating branches


What is the pathway of the femoral nerve?

Begins off the lumbar plexus from ventral rami of L2-L4
Decends along the lateral border of psoas
Exits pelvis through greater sciatic foramen
Emerges below piriformis
Enters femoral triangle where it moves through the muscular component of the retro inguinal space
Here it terminates as the saphenous nerve


What is the pathway of the obturator nerve?

Lumbar plexus L2- L4
Passes through the pelvis and obturator foramen along with the artery and vein
Runs to the medial thigh
Supplies medial thigh


What is the pathway of the sciatic nerve?

Part of the lumbosacral plexus,
Vent rami of L4- S3
Passes through greater sciatic foramen
Below piriformis
Travels between deep and superficial gluteal muscles
Enters thigh throug retro inguinal space
Descends inferiorly between biceps femoris and adductor Magnus
Bifurcated into tibial NS common fibular branches at the apex of the popliteal fossa


What is the pathway of the tibial nerve?

Rami of L4-S3
Branch of sciatic nerve
Passes inferiorly out of the political fossa
Runs between soleus and tibial is posterior
Terminates at the flexor retinaculum


What is the pathway of the common fibular nerve?

Branch of sciatic
Follows the medial border of biceps femoris out of the popliteal fossa
Wraps around the fibular head and terminates


What is the pathway of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh?

Lumbar plexus L2-L3
Passes inferiorlaterally over Iliacus and posterior to the inguinal ligament
Supplies lateral region of the thigh


What is the pathway of the deep fibular nerve?

Passes through extensor digitorum longus
Decends on the anterior surface of the Interosseus membrane with the anterior tibial artery
Crosses the distal end of the tibia and enters the dorsal foot


What is the pathway of the superficial fibular nerve?

Descends in the lateral compartment of the leg
Pierces the deep fascia at distal third of the leg to become cutaneous


What are the pathways of the ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves?

Lumbar plexus
Lateral to psoas
Laterally and inferiorly across QL
Pierce TA
Pass through EO and IO supplying them


What is the pathway of the Genitofemoral nerve?

Lumbar plexus
Runs anterior to psoas
Runs inferiorly inside the psoas fascia
Divides into genital and femoral branches