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What surgery is appropriate for treatment of Sweeney?

Decompression of suprascapular nerve


What often is the cause of Sweeney?


Nerve crosses from medial to lateral at the cranial edge of the scapula..
horse bumps into something causing swelling which compresses nerve against bone


What muscles atrophy?

Supraspinatus m
Infraspinatus m


Clinical signs of Sweeney?

Outward excursion of shoulder

Muscle atrophy


How do you do a decompression of the suprascapular nerve?

Incision over the spine of scapula

At the cranial edge of the scapula.. drill holes on each side of nerve.
Use gigli wire to cut through bone under the nerve


Use bone chisel to remove a section of bone

**careful not to damage nerve**


What is stringhalt?

Sudden and involuntary exaggerated flexion of one (or both) hindlimbs

—> sever flexion with fetlock contacting abdomen


What is the surgical treatment for stringhalt?

Lateral digital extensor tenotomy

Incions are made lateral over the muscle belly of the LDE and distally below the level of the hock

In the distal incision, isolate the LDE tendon and cut it

In the proximal incision, isolate and dissect the muscle of the LDE, pull the tendon and muscle belly out this incision and remove


What are indications for a palmar digital neurectomy?

Navicular disease
Navicular bone fracture
Chronic hoof pain

For cases that are not responsive to other treatment
Sever nerve to relieve pain


How do you do a palmar digital neurectomy and what are your landmarks?

Incision is made below the fetlock between DDF and bone

Should visualize vein, artery, nerve complex (in this order from dorsal to plantar)
Crossing over this complex is ligament of ergot (can be cut if in the way)

Isolate the nerve and remove about an inch


Complications to palmar digital neurectomy?

Neuroma formation
> benign growth of a nerve, can cause pain

-> if this occurs, horse will feel the original foot pain

Hoof abscess
-> horse can no longer feel foot, must inform owner they are prone to foot injury and to check often