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What is BPPV?

Benign paroxysmal postional vertigo
posterior canal canalithiasis
posterior canal actviated by movement-otoconia move in canal simulating movement
nystagmus is toward affected ear and rotary in nature


What is labyrinthitis

medical emergency
viral or bacterial in origin
hearing loss
elicit signs of unilateral weakness
loss of vestibular function in al canals


What is vestibular neuronitis?

horizontal and superior canals, posterior canal spared
acute phase nystagmus beating away from affected ear
loss of unilateral VOR
Acute Phase:
1st week sudden and intesnse vertigoand imbalance
need to stay still
nausea and vomitting
1-6 month episodic vertigo, motion sensitivity, gradual improvememnt
greater than 6 mos after initial attack
weakness in balance Fx
30% develop anxiety
may develop BPPV


What is Menieres disease

inner ear fluid imbalance
episodic vertigo
fluctuating hearing loss
recurrent and episodic vertigo short period
minimal imbalance btw attacks
low frequency tinnitis


Vestibular migraine?

30-50% of migrainers, and can occur not during headache
spontaneous vertigo both internal and external
positional vertigo, but not specific like BPPV
visuall induced