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What are the nerve roots for all the reflexes?

S1, 2 - "buckle my shoe" (Achilles reflex)
L3, 4 - "kick the door" (patellar reflex)
C5, 6 - "pick up sticks" (biceps reflex)
C7, 8 - "lay them straight" (triceps reflex)

L1, 2 - "testicles move" (cremaster reflex)
S3, 4 - "winks galore" (anal wink reflex)


What are the nerve roots for the Achilles reflex?

S1, 2 - "buckle my shoe"


What are the nerve roots for the patellar reflex?

L3, 4 - "kick the door"


What are the nerve roots for the biceps reflex?

C5, 6 - "pick up sticks"


What are the nerve roots for the triceps reflex?

C7, 8 - "lay them straight"


What are the nerve roots for the cremaster reflex?

L1, 2 - "testicles move"


What are the nerve roots for the anal wink reflex?

S3, 4 - "winks galore"


What are primitive reflexes?

CNS reflexes that are present in a healthy infant, but that are absent in a neurologically intact adult


When do primitive reflexes normally disappear?

Within the first year of life


What causes the primitive reflexes to disappear?

Inhibition by a mature/developing frontal lobe


When do we see reemergence of primitive reflexes?

Frontal lobe lesions - loss of the normal inhibition


What are the 6 primitive reflexes?

2 involve the mouth:
1. Rooting reflex
2. Sucking reflex

2 involve fingers/toes
1. Palmar reflex
2. Plantar reflex

2 involve whole body:
1. Moro reflex
2. Galant reflex


What is the Moro reflex?

Abduct/extend limbs when startled, and then draw together

"Hang on for life" reflex


What is the rooting reflex?

Movement of head toward one side if cheek or mouth is stroked (nipple seeking)


What is the sucking reflex?

Sucking response when roof of mouth is touched


What is the palmar reflex?

Curling of fingers if palm is stroked


What is the plantar reflex?

Dorsiflexion of the large toe and fanning of others with plantar stimullation
(AKA Babinski sign)


What is the Galant reflex?

Stroking along one side of the spine while newborn is in ventral suspension (face down) causes lateral flexion of lower body toward stimulated side


Know where the cranial nerves are located in the brain stem.

General Principles:
1. 4 in the midbrain or above, 4 in the pons, 4 in the medulla
2. CN III, IV, VI, XII in the middle (factors of 12, except for 2)
3. CN IV is the only one that exits on the dorsal side


What 2 processes is the pineal gland involved in?

Melatonin secretion and circadian rhythms


Are the colliculi located on the ventral or dorsal side of the brain stem?



Which brain stem colliculi are involved in vision and which ones are involved in hearing?

Superior = visual
Inferior = auditory

Think: Your eyes are above your ears


What is Parinaud syndrome?

Paralysis of conjugate vertical gaze due to lesion in superior colliculi (e.g. pinealoma)


What are the cranial nerves?

I - olfactory
II - optic
III - oculomotor
IV - trochlear
V - trigeminal
VI - abducens
VII - facial
VIII - vestibulocochlear
IX - glossopharyngeal
X - vagus
XI - accessory
XII - hypoglossal


What are the components (sensory, motor, or both) or each of the cranial nerves?

Mnemonic: Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Brains Matter More.
Components: I - sensory, II - sensory, III - motor, IV - motor, V - both, VI - motor, VII - both, VIII - sensory, IX - both, X - both, XI - motor, XII - motor


Which is the only cranial nerve without thalamic relax to cortex and what does it mediate?

CN I - smell


What are the three cranial nerves that mediate eye movement?

CN III (superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, inferior oblique)
CN IV (superior oblique)
CN VI (lateral rectus)


What two muscles does the accessory nerve innervate?

SCM, trapezius


What are the functions of the facial nerve?

1. Facial movement
2. Taste from anterior 2/3 of tongue
3. Lacrimation
4. Salivation (submandibular and sublingual glands)
5. Eyelid closing (orbicularis oculi)
6. Stapedius muscle in the ear


Does the facial nerve innervate the parotid gland?

No - it just courses through it