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What are the 3 tiers of HSE regulation?



HSE registration requirements

Online process
£25 fee


What are notifiable practices?

Work with artificial or naturally occurring radionuclides that complies with lower levels of concentration & quantity

Work in a radon atmosphere above an annual average of 300Bq m-3


What are practices requiring registration?

Radiation generators, such as X-ray devices, that are not a specific practice requiring consent

Work with artificial or naturally occurring radionuclides that complies with designated levels of concentration, activity & quantity


Registration questions:

- RIsk assessment & ID forseeable accidents

- Est exposure / restrict expo

- Contingency plans

- Rad safety training

- Define controlled areas

- Local rules & appoint RPS


Practices requiring consent

the deliberate administration of radioactive substances

the deliberate addition of radioactive substances to products, including medicinal products, and the import of such products;

the operation of an accelerator

industrial radiography;
industrial irradiation;

any practice involving a high-activity sealed source
storage or disposal of waste


Consent questions

Responsibilities & organisational arrangements
Staff competencies & training
Facility/source design & controls
Anticipated occupational and public exposures
Risk assessment
Emergency procedures
Maintenance, testing, inspection & servicing
Management & disposal of waste
Disposal of unused sources
Quality assurance & audit


Application process

Must be an authorised employee
Create an account – verified via email
Employer Details
Type of work carried out
Registration questions
Consent questions
Checks made
Link to documents emailed


What has the eye dose changed to ?

- Change from 150 mSv pa to 20 mSv

- Classification will be at 15mSv

- HSE approved dosimeter required

May inc no, of classified workers


Changes to dosimetry

- Weight factor changes for tissue

- Outside workers - non-class + mult employers

- Passbook - not mandatory

- Average eye dose over 5 years

- Public dose estimation is required for practice which did not require estimation under EPR16


Other changes

Signif event -> use of cont plans

Equipment for med exposure now covered in IRMER reg 32

Some definition changes

Removal of women's abdomen 13mSv limit


ACoP update

Sections removed

Req for audible monitor alarm when retracting HDR source


IRMER2018 changes

- IRR17 reg32 added

- Carers and comforters added

- Non-medical imaging - new type of exposure added

- Changes to duty holders and DRLs

- Patient dose to be included in records


Why was ARSAC/MARS 78 repealed?

Radiation was decided to be the great risk in radpharms

New split employer and practitioner licenses for arsac


ARSAC license changes

Employer/Employee licenses

Split licensing reduces burden on practitioners

Certificates valid during crossover


Employer ARSAC requirements

- Appropriately trained operators are available
- Entitled practitioners are available
- Appropriate equipment in place
- Infrastructure to support administration of radiopharmaceuticals


What is BSSD ?

Basic Safety standards directive

Consolidates 199 BSSD and 2003 HASS

Use of D values HASS status of some sources has changed


Radioactive waste Regulations

Storage and DIposal - EPR

Some exemptions still apply

Exemptions from notif and auth are exempt