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What regulations define the need for contingency plans?

IRR17: for reasonably foreseeable incidents

EPR2016 (RSA93/HASS): security/environmental contamination

REPPIR2001: operator & LA off-site emergency plans

CDG2009: consignor contingency plans for transport incidents

NHS requirement under:
National arrangements for health Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR)


What are the effects of an emplaced radiation device?

Deaths: Few

Short term: Acute rad syndrome

Long term: inc risk of developing cancer


What are the effects of a Radioactive dispersal *device?

Deaths: Few/moderate

Short term: Blast injury

Long term: inc cancer risk


What are the effects of a Low yield nuclear *device?

Deaths: Many

Short term: Blast injury, thermal burns, acute rad syndrome

Long term: inc risk cancer


What is external exposure?

whole or partial-body exposure


What are the two main types of exposure?

External: on the skin
Internal: Swallowed, abs through wounds


How can you limit contamination ?

Prevent intakes of material: inhaltion/ingestion/skin absorption/wounds

Limit spread:
Protect wounds
Do not disrobe
Protect cuts and abrasions


What was the goiana incident?

Theft and dispersal of a teletherapy source.


What is RADSAFE?

A private company limited by gurantee that offers mutual assistance in the events of a transport accident involving RAM belonging to a radsafe member.


What are the principles of radsafe ?

- To provide a prompt response to an incident
- The provision of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons
- To provide appropriate training (to all Responders)

All vehicles or containers used for transporting radioactive material under this scheme must have a RADSAFE placard


3 Main methods of reducing a radiation risks

TIME (minimum)
DISTANCE (maximum)
SHIELDING (maximum)


How to respond to an incident?

If there are life threatening injuries send casualties to hospital without delay

If source damage suspected - Keep appliances and crews upwind

Cordon off area (45m in first instance recommended by RADSAFE)

Consider doserate

Extinguish fires

Refer to vehicle placard/ documentation for advice number

No eating, drinking, smoking if radiation release has or is suspected to have occurred