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What is the Apgar score used for?

Used to assess a newborn's health immediately after birth


Five criteria for the Apgar score

Appearance (skin color)
Pulse (heart rate)
Grimace (reflex irritability)
Activity (muscle tone)


What is the time frame for the Apgar score?

Test is done at one and five minutes


What are the score ranges of the Apgar test?

7-10: generally normal
4-6: fairly low
3 & below: critically low


What does a low Apgar score at one minute mean?

The infant may need medical attention, but does not mean there are long term problems (as long as Apgar at five minutes is normal)


What does it mean if the Apgar score stays low at 1,5,10, and 30 minutes?

The infant's risk is increased for neurological damage.


What is the ballard maturational score?

It estimates the gestational age of the baby


What is the root reflex?

-Babies mouth and cheek is stroked
-Baby will turn head and open mouth to "root" in direction of stroking.


What is the suck reflex?

-Roof of babies mouth is touched
-Baby will begin to suck


When does the suck reflex begin?

32nd week of development


What is the Moro or startle reflex?

When baby is startled or a loud sound is made, the baby throws back their head, extends out the arms and legs, then pulls arms and legs back in to body.


What is Tonic neck reflex or fencing?

-Babies head is turned to one side
-The arm on the side of the turned head will stretch out and opposite arm will bend at the elbow


What is Babinski's reflex?

When the sole of the foot is stroked, the big toe bends back to the top of the foot and the other toes splay out


What is the stepping reflex?

The baby appears to be walking when held with their feet touching a solid surface.


When does the stepping reflex begin?

4 months