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rarest coffee in world?

kopi luwak/civet (droppings of civet cat)


how does civet coffee get prepared in the cat's system?

digestive enzymes break down proteins to expose free a.a. and have a unique rxn during maillard browning when roasted


why do we need alt. protein source?

-ballooning population (9 bill. by 2050)
-need 70% more protein on 30% less farmland
-climate change is disrupting things


entomophagy is practiced in ____ countries with more than ____ insects considered edible

113; 1900


why choose insects?

-high quality protein
-high food conversion rate
-emit less greenhouse gas
-can be grown on organic waste
-require less space


insects selected for:

size, social behaviour, safety, high egg production/hatchability, nutr. benefits, high protein quality


foods with insects?

pb, strawberry flavouring, sprinkles, spinach, beer