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What is the most important role o...,
What are plant sources of protein,
What is the dimer of cysteine called
57  cards
Examples of insoluble plant cell ...,
Examples of non starch water solu...,
What are some of the functions of...
42  cards
Geometry of water,
The ideal angle of tetrahedral is...,
Each water molecule can form h bo...
19  cards
Food processing
The conversion of raw animal and ...,
Use of specific thermal and nonth...,
What is the reason for using unit...
16  cards
___ are responsible for most of n...,
In osmolarity causes __ ecf volum...,
Aldosterone made in ____
15  cards
What is food science
Discipline in which bio phys sci ...,
Application of food sci to select...,
What is the diff between food sci...
8  cards
Food categories/consumptions/trends
What are the dif food categories,
Whole wheat vs rice flour,
Females should have __ servings v...
16  cards
What is the diff between fats and...,
Crude oil is _____ tags ___ non tag,
Tags prefer the __ conformation
62  cards
Food Deterioration
What are diff types of food deter...,
Why does milk spoil even after pa...,
What are the major causes of food...
15  cards
Dispersions of two immiscible liq...,
Milk is an ____ emulsion margarin...,
How to find out how much energy d...
19  cards
What are the three outcomes of mi...,
What are characteristics of colon...,
What are the major cell morpholog...
62  cards
Food Packaging
___ packaging is in direct contac...,
What are the primary functions of...,
Chips are surrounded by ___ not n...
31  cards
sensory evaluation
The inability to smell is referre...,
Five basic tastes,
Where is aroma odour sensed
25  cards
Product development
Types of product development,
Elements of product development team,
Product development stages
9  cards
Thermal Processing
Types of thermal processing,
Most widely applied unit op in fo...,
Three basic mechs of heat transfer
69  cards
Why is super cooling needed,
Freezing refers to storage of foo...,
3 stages of freezing curve
27  cards
Fruit/Veg Processing
Cell wall of young plants are thi...,
With aging of plants wall thicken...,
Colours of fruits veg due to thes...
23  cards
functional foods/nutraceuticals
Who said let food be your medicin...,
What is a functional food,
Example of bioactive compounds
34  cards
The application of nanoscience to...,
The study of material and process...,
Nanotechnology processing examples
24  cards
Science of Chocolate
Main ingredients of chocolate,
Minor ingredients in chocolate,
Why use cocoa butter
14  cards
molecular gastronomy
Branch of science called molecula...,
Defined as intelligent knowledge ...,
How is molecular gastronomy diff ...
17  cards
nonconventional food source
Rarest coffee in world,
How does civet coffee get prepare...,
Why do we need alt protein source
7  cards
food security
A situation when all ppl at all t...,
What are 4 dimensions of food sec...,
Situation that exists when secure...
22  cards

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