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Why are the nontraditional material removal processes important?

  • Machine materials that have special properties that make them difficult or impossible to machine by conventional methods
  • Need for unusual and complex geometries that cannot be accomplished by conventional machining
  • Need to avoid surface damage that can accompany stresses created by conventional machining


There are four categories of nontraditional machining processes, based on principal energy form. Name four categories

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Thermal
  • Chemical


How does ultrasonic machining process work?

Abrasives contained in a slurry are driven at high velocity against the work by a tool vibrating at low amplitude and high frequency


Tool oscillates in a diection perpendicular to work surface, and fed slowly into work, so that shape of tool is formed in part


Describe water jet cutting process

Uses fine high pressure, high velocity stream of water at the surface to cause cutting of the work


What is the difference between water jet cutting, abrasive water jet cutting, and abrasive jet cutting?

Abrasive water jet cutting is used when Water Jet Cutting is used on metal parts.


Introduces abrasive particles into the stream.


Name the three main types of electrochemical machining

  • Electrochemical deburring
  • Electrochemical machining
  • Electrochemical grinding


Identify the two significant disadvantages of electrochemical machining

  • significant cost of electrical power to drive operation
  • problems disposing of electrolyte sludge


How does increasing discharge current affect metal removal rate and surface finish in electric discharge machining?

metal removal rate increases

surface finish is bst obtained at low discharge current


What is meant by the term overcut in electric discharge machining?

Distance by which the machined cavity in the workpart exceeds the size of the tool on each side


Produced because the electrical discharges occur at the sides of the tool as well as its frontal area


Name the four principal steps in chemical machining

  1. cleaning
  2. masking
  3. etching
  4. demasking


What are the three methods of performing the masking step in chemical machining?

  • photographic resist method
  • screen resist method
  • cut and peel method


What is photoresist in chemical machining

photographic resist method

Uses photographic techniques to perform the masking step