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The data contained in the report by the outside auditor establish unequivocally that the CEO committed fraud; in fact, it is so damning that he has agreed to resign and repay the money immediately.

Right or wrong ?

Wrong. Data here is plural (...establish), so have to use "they", not "it" for pronoun


Pronoun "one"

Use interchangeably with other pronouns such as you/they/he/she/individual, etc...?

No. Keep consistent in a sentence.
You-> you
One-> one
One-> oneself ok!
They-> people


Economy vs economical

Economy- broad finance matters or economy

Economical- act of saving money or operating efficiently


Uncountable nouns

Can't be plural so have to add countable nouns

Ex: slices of bread, cups of water

Cannot add "s" or "a" in front.

Ex: population

Use much, great, little, less, amount

Countable: many, few, numerous


Collective singular

Species, News, politics (as a class subject), economics (as class subject)


Singular pronouns

-body, -thing, -one, each, neither, either


Among the sports played by women are/is... ?

Are. Among is NOT a singular pronoun. Sports is the noun


More fatal vs more likely fatal

More circular vs more nearly circular

Which is correct?

Absolute adjectives

Cannot be intensified
ex: add "more" or -er to the words

Square, essential, universal, immoral, absolute, dead, fatal, circular

More likely fatal and more nearly circular is correct

More essential is incorrect


Indefinite pronouns

Don't need an antecedent.

Ex: each, one, ending in -one, -body


The war begun

Right or wrong?

Wrong. Begun is past participle of begin, cant use it alone.

The war HAS begun is right.

Began is past tense


Ones- what is "ones" referring to?

Ava likes most cats, but she finds the ones owned by her neighbors annoying.

"Ones" is referring to cats, but not referring to the same cats mentioned in the first half of the sentence


Refer "US Navy" as they or its?

Its singular


Compare to Ashley, Madison ate more...

Right or wrong?

Wrong. Compared... more... is redundant