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When to use




Who: person

Whose & that: person or object

Ex: I'm going to fix all the tables whose legs are broken


You can purchase tickets by phone or on the web.

I'm going to buy vegetables, rice, and a carton of milk


Yes! Prepositional phrases that are in parallel don't have to use the same preposition

Yes! As long as list is all nouns


What can you use "that" to describe?

Anything (place, time, etc...) EXCEPT for people. Use who for people only.


Taiwan is the only country that has good food, and where boba is made fresh.


No. Cannot compare that and where.

Use that and that


The agency's creative team, each member of which/whom was asked to submit at least three ideas, remain/remains stymied in its development of the new campaign.

Each member of WHICH because for eh preposition "of" signals the noun before, the "team". Team is not a person so much use WHICH.

RemainS because each is singular.


Mistake X for/as/to be Y

Which preposition is correct for this ?

Mistake z FOR y


Mistook X FOR Y


Does ,-ing modifier always modify the sentence before it?

No, it modifies the MAIN s-v sentence. If the sentence before it is a modifier (starts with which, for example) then the , -ing sentence modifies the main sentence before the which sentence


, with vs
, which modifier

, with- modifies whole phrase
, which- modifies word before


Not so much... as...
Not... but...

Which is correct?

Both correct

Not so much in a skill as in our ability to...

Same as

Not in skill but our ability to...


A phenomenon most scientist agree THAT is caused

A phenomenon THAT most scientist agree is causes

Which is correct?

Second. The "scientist Agree" portion should go between "that" and "is"

A phenomenon that is cause by - simplifies sentence


Found only in the west, hummingbirds survive through extremes of climate, their range extending from...

Correct ?

Yes. "Their range extending" is a modifier


Open markers

I want to retire to a place where I can relax and I can pay low taxes.

Right or wrong?

Wrong. Need "where" in both x and y clause to know where parallelism begins

Right structure:
I want to retire to a place WHERE I can relax and WHERE I pay low taxes.


They have found evidence that suggest that the elephant...

They have found evidence to suggest that the elephant...

Which is correct?

Both correct