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He has frequently defaced public property and went to jail.

Right or wrong?

Wrong . "Has" carries to defaced and "went" therefore "went" should be "gone" to jail


By 2054, I will have been working on my ph.D for 10 years.

What perspective is the person speaking from?

From 2054, she will have been working for 10 years and not done


Which one is an acting verb and which one is a gerund?

I love boxing

I am boxing

I love boxing is a gerund = I love cake

I am boxing is an acting verb. I am cake? Doesn't work


A friend to call would be nice

To love is divine

I went outside to sing

Which one is an acting verb?


1) to love acts like a noun

2) to sing modifies the verb went

3) to call modifies the noun friend


The desire of our daughter to learn and the dedication of her teacher provide/provides a solid foundation for success.

Provide. The X and Y structure mandates that both are counted to the subject. So plural subject


Present perfect

Has or have

Scientists (have?) mapped the human genome

I (have?) earned my degree in economics

Present perfect verbs are used to describe actions that are STILL TRUE or occurred over some period of time before the present.

What matters is the effect in the present. Exact time frame don't matter

Cannot use pp with past indicating time expressions (yesterday, last week, etc...)

Correct sentence is have mapped and have earned because the human genome still exists and I still have my degree


Past perfect "had"

The jury had delivered a verdict of "guilty"

Right or wrong?

Wrong. Past perfect is used to express "the past of the past." Need a past time marker

What happened first gets a had, second event DOES NOT

Correct examples

BY 2011, she had traveled to India twice. (2011 is the time marker)

I had eaten three pieces of cake when I learned that the cake was poisoned

NOT required to use had when you have time markers


In my college years, I joined the sophomore pledge class at a frat and worked on a senior class homecoming float (Sophomore and senior are time markers)

After she earned her degree, she spent a year serving with the peace corps. (After was the time marker)


He doctor told me I had a heart attack

Right or wrong

Wrong, I had had a heart attack is correct. Substitute second had for "suffered"


-ing acting verb needs to have

A helping verb right before it

She is walking


Adverb can modify?

Verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. NOT nouns. Use adj to modify nouns


The performer danced lively, delighting the children. Correct or incorrect?

Incorrect. Lively is an adj not adverb, so cannot use lively to modify danced.

The performer danced in a lively manner is correct.



Adj or adv?

Adj, therefore can only describe nouns


"This" can modify?

Whole clause before the comma. Cannot modify a single subject


"... to be..."

Past, present or future?