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What is the subject?

None of the guests have arrived.

None. Performed by have arrived (not singular)


What's the subject in the sentences below?

There are 10 people in the conference room

Here comes the sun

People, NOT there.

Can rephrase: 10 people are waiting in the conference room

'Here comes the sun." Subject is sun. "Here" does not come, the sun does


What is the subject?

Because his jokes are so cruel, we left before the show ended


because... is a subordinate clause


Can the subject be in a prepositional phrase?



Is this a complete sentence?

That the charge was true was the worst part


Rephrase: the worst part was that the charge was true


Semicolon rules ;

Do NOT use ; before "and" and "but"

Use ; before "however," if the meaning is contrasting

In every case, the part before and after the ; must be able to stand alone -complete clauses

Meaning of 2 clauses must be closely related


Rules of colon :

Connects a complete sentence (before the colon) to a list, example, or explanation

Explanation can use : or ;

The list can only have 1 item