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Orthopedic conditions compromise _____

occupations - adls, iadls, leisure, sleep, education, social life, work, play


Client factors effected by orthopedic conditions

Values, beliefs, and spirituality
Body functions
body structures


Limited joint mobility =

decrease in daily activities which affects ones role performance


Decrease in muscle strength and endurance is a result of

immobilization of joint during recovery


Impact of Guarding position

decreased ROM
Decrease in strength
pain in joints not involved in the injury/condition


impact of Joint pain and inflammation

limited ROM
Integrity of bone is compromised
(use adaptive equipment)


Balance issues require _______ to prevent falls.



Intervention for movement related function

practice energy conservation


Interdisciplinary interventions for orthopedic conditions

1. medical therapy (pain management, antibiotics, anticoagulants)
2. physical therapy - general strengthening and ROM - LE focused


7 parts of the occupational-focused assessment

1. Role Checklist
2. Occupational performance Hx Interview II (OPHI-II)
3. Assessment of motor and process skills (AMPS)
4. Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care (AM-PAC)
5. Performance Assessment of Self Care Skills (PASS)
6. Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)
7. Short Form-36


What is the Role Checklist assessment?

client participation in and value placed on occupational roles


What is the Occupational Performance Hx Interview II (OPHI-II) assessment?

gathers information about occupational performance and participation overtime


What is the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)?

assessment of skills in context to performing functional tasks


What is the Activity Measure of Post-Acute (AM-PAC) care assessment?

measures mobility, adl's and cognition


What is the Performance Assessment of Self-Care Skills?

Observation of functional mobility, personal care and home management


What is the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)?

a self-assessment of performance and satisfaction in various areas of occupation overtime


What is the Short Form-36 assessment?

a standardized scale that measures health-related quality of life


Assessments of client factors (6)

1. disability of arm, shoulder, hand (DASH)
2. ROM
3. Measure of Pain
4. Manual Muscle testing
5. Measures of grasp and pinch strength
6. Measures of edema


What is the DASH assessment?

a questionnaire that rates the disability and symptoms related to UE musculoskeletal disorders (arm shoulder hand)


Occupational therapists role in orthopedic conditions

restore occupational function while following proper precautions and communicating them continually to the client.


During the acute stage of recovery an OT will (4)

1. educate the client
2. evaluate client factors and therapeutic goals
3. remediate muscles and joints around the site through controlled movement and strengthening exercise
4. provide additional support and comfort when working with slings/ braces/ splints


What are the compensatory strategies of ADL retraining (3)

1. adaptive devices
2. task modification
3. environmental modification
* may be temporary or permanent


Occupation therapists conduct environmental assessments and fall prevention by

1. educating older adults
2. prevent exacerbation of the client
3. conduct a home/work visit to assess mobility and participation and recommend modifications
4. suggest community mobility


Evidence that early mobilization of UE is effective (3)

1. decreased pain
2. decreased swelling
3. quicker return to occupation


Evidence occupational therapy is effective in acute care for older adults and hip fx

1. increased recovery of ambulation
2. increase in functional recovery
3. decreased stay in the hospital
4. increase LE strength
5. increase in fall self-efficacy