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what are wear metals?

microscopic metal particles formed by friction


what must an oil-wetted system have in order to monitor the system for wear by spectrometric oil analysis?

a recirculating oil system and a sump


what is a catastrophic failure?

happens without warning


in spectroscopy, what is light?

electromagnetic radiation that travels through space in the form of waves


in spectroscopy, what is characteristic light of an element?

the specific wavelengths of light emitted by an element when excited


in which component group of the atomic emission spectrometer are specific wavelengths of light isolated for monitoring?

optical processing


what should you do when installing new electrodes into the spectrometer?

install the disc electrode first


after the rod electrode is in contact with disc electrode, you can avoid inconsistencies when setting the analytical gap between the electrodes by .......

slowly raising the gap setting lever until it stops, then gently releasing it back to its resting position


what would you do next if you find the results do not fall within acceptable limits during the oil analysis spectrometer's daily standardization check?

perform a full instrument standardization


which procedure should be performed monthly prior to analyzing correlation samples and recommended it be performed after the spectrometer has been subjected to a temperature change of 15 degrees Fahrenheit or more?

optical profile


after how many burn cycles should you wipe clean the oil analysis spectrometer disk electrode shaft, sample table and the sample plate area between the disc electrode shaft and the rod electrode clamp?



which of the following is not one of the four diagnostics checks that may be performed by the operator?
(A) repeatability
(B) Accountability
(C) Dark current test
(D) Calibration Curve verification



prior to performing the calibration curve verification diagnostic check, the oil analysis spectrometer must ..........

have had full standardization performed


which of the following factors affecting repeatability, does the operator have control over?
(A) Position of the optic fiber within the lens assembly
(B) Sample stand geometry
(C) the spectrometer being on profile
(D) the quartz lens assembly to arc distance

C. the spectrometer being on profile


to properly operate a spectroil M spectrometer from a light cart, you should use the line voltage ...............

being shared with the least number of other equipment because the spectrometer uses a lot of power


what is repeated stress and metal fatigue of an engine bearing race resulting in flakes of metal breaking off normally referred to as?



in the past, during normal day to day operations, the primary method of detecting large particles was by visually inspecting the engine...

master chip detector


which risk factor level warning indicates that there is a significant amount of material detected and troubleshooting must be initiated?

level 2


in gallons and using an approved container, what is the maximum amount of waste oil you may store in the laboratory?



which volume of technical order (TO) 33-1-37, JOAP Manual, contains wear metal criteria, tend tables, and decision-making guidance?



which type of oil sample has the lowest priority for analysis?

Routine non-aeronautical


isolation of individual component discrepancies by oil analysis is limited to cases where ..............

distinctive combinations of wear metal elements exist


the supplemental information sheets accompanying each engine trend table are used to .................

aid in isolating the source of wear metal content in an oil sample


which is not a sure example of an abnormal wear metal trends?
(A) wildly fluctuating concentrations
(B) an unexplained decrease in concentration
(C) an increase exceeding the allowable limit for the period
(D) concentration reading jumping from a marginal to high level on the spectrometer

concentration reading jumping from marginal to high level on the spectrometer


what is the minimum number of analysis results that must be recorded in the Department of Defense (DD) Form 2026, Transit Aircraft Oil Analysis Record by the home station laboratory?



which office does not require a copy of he spectrometer deployment kit analysis results?

the home station laboratory


what is the purpose of the Joint Oil Analysis Program's Correlation Program?

ensure uniform and continuous high-quality oil analysis results from program participants