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Magneto optical inspection (MOI) is able to image through paint and other surface coverings in ...

real time


the magneto optical inspection (MOI) instrument is hand-held, portable and requires ..
(A) Minimal training
(B) two operators
(C) no vibration
(D)240 volts

A. minimal training


The mobile automated scanner system (MAUSS) is effective in all the following production manufacturing and aircraft maintenance environments except ..
(B) damage assessment
(C) aging structure evaluation
(D) validating a repair is complete

A. conductivity


a can speed of up to how many square feet per hour is possible when using a mobile automated scanner system (MAUSS) inspection system?

100 feet per hour


Shearography is a NDI technique based on viewing the surface of a part with what type of light?



Which is not a loading technique that has been proven to be efficient for shearographic testing?
(A) Cooling
(B) Vacuum
(C) Vibration
(D) Mechanical

A. Cooling


The earliest and most widely used application of thermopraphy in NDI was the inspection of ...

Aerospace composites


The transfer of heat from the surface to the cooler interior can be recognized as what when detected with the camera?

changes in surface temperature