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Diagnosis and treatment are inseparable but...

This does not mean you can begin treating without a diagnosis


Place attention to the ________ to your treatment, not on what you are doing

Patient's response


Which Dr. used the principle of balanced ligamentous tension as his approach to treatment in the cranium and the body?

Dr. Sutherland

Includes both direct and indirect methods


All techniques involve engaging and utilizing the "______" from a "_____"

"Powers within the patient's body" from a "point of balanced tension"


Balanced Tension

There are a variety of ___________ which can act directly on the areas of strain to correct the dysfunction

Inherent forces

The action of these inherent forces is perceptible as the point of balanced tension is achieved


The _________ will respond to the point of balanced tension and "reset"

Nervous system

This alters tissue tension to baseline and reduce facilitation


Proprioceptor/postural reflexes

Standard theories on the mechanism of indirect treatment focuses on the physiology of the muscle spindle and the proprioceptive nervous system


Proprioceptive information also originated from the ___________ and contributes to the reflex control of muscle tension and joint position

Joint capsule and ligaments

There is a relatively high concentration of joint "golgi tendon organs" compared to the tendons


By bringing the joint to a point of BLT, this will_____________

Reduce the firing of these joint receptors

May account for the immediate change in muscle tension pal patted at point of BLT and resetting postural tone


____________ reflexes are immediately involved in the physiology of somatic dysfunction

Nociceptors reflexes


Joint capsules have a high concentration of __________ fibers, much higher than muscle



What happens to blood and muscles during increased muscle tension?

Blood is shunted away, and changes in muscle physiology promote maintenance of spasm and dysfunction.

Positioning will relax muscle tension and alter its circulation. May notice a change in the pulse


Ligamentous strain will also impair ___________

Local blood supply


_________ and ________ circulation is more sensitive to tissue pressure than arterial

Venous and lymphatic


Interstitial fluid flow is also reduced by tissue tension. This will have a direct effect on.....

Local cellular physiology and nutrition, an often overlooked consequence of somatic dysfunction


The goal of treatment is to improve __________

The interchange of all the fluids of the body across all tissue interfaces


The evaluation of somatic dysfunction should include the impact on local expression of inherent motion such as _________..

Respiration, pulse and the primary respiratory mechanism


The point of Balanced ligamentous/membranous tension is defined as ....

The point in the range of motion of an articulation where the ligaments and membranes are poised between the normal tension present throughout the free range of motion and the increased tension preceding the strain


Although the concept of BLT is simple, the depth lies in the ______

Precision with which it is applied


Assistance of innate forces

-Directing the tide
-Respiratory assistance
-Postural assistance


Reactions to treatment

-Always check the cranio-cervical junction
-Observe change in physiologic phenomena
-Apply the "treatment" to the "patient"
-what happened before (diagnosis)
-what's happening now (treatment)
-what will happen (prognosis)