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Which of the following best describes the mechanism of the body's response to a decrease in blood pressure?

Insertion of AQP-2 channels in collecting ducts
Antidiuretic hormone promotes water reabsorption by the insertion of aquaporin-2 channels


what is the precursor molecule for steroids



what is metaplasia

Metaplasia is the replacement of one differentiated somatic cell type with another differentiated somatic cell type in the same tissue.


different between hyperplasia and hypertrophy

Hyperplasia refers to the process where cells in an organ or tissue increase in number, so its like hiring a bigger pack of lumberjacks. Hypertrophy is when these cells in an organ or tissue increase in size, like if the lumberjack gets really tough so that she can cut down twice as many trees.


What is the main component of colloid in the thyroid gland?