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What is the definition of trafficking?

Act + Means + Purpose

  • Act: anyone who participates in any of:
    • Recruitent
    • Transport
    • Transfer
    • Harboring
    • Receipt of persons
  • Means
    • Threat/force/coercion
    • Abduction
    • Fraud
    • Deception
  • Purpose (exploitation for:)
    • Commercial sex
    • Personal sex
    • Forced labor
    • Slavery/similar practices
    • Removal of organs



Who should be referred for fertility preservation?

  • Anyone who is going to recieve
    • Chemo
    • Pelvic radiation bone marrow transplant
    • Bilateral oopborectomy
    • Gender affirming therapy
  • Anyone with the following conditions
    • Autoimmune (SLE)
    • Hematologic diseases (Sickle cell)
    • Diminished ovarian reserve/impending primary ovarian unsufficiency




What are the appropriate next steps in management when a patient presents wiht sexual dysfunction that you suspect is psychological?

  • Continue exploring medical treatments
  • Discuss effect of emotional issues on sexual function
    • BUT don't blame the pt or tell them its all in their head
  • Refer for CBT
  • Sex therapy can help



How many people are internationally trafficked into the US each year for commercial sex exploitation?

14k - 17k


What is currently the primary barrier to fertility preservation?



But guidelines are changing, and many patients are not given the most up to date info


Which two approaches to fertility perservation are well established? (not experimental)

Oocyte cryopreservation

Embryo cryopreservation


Ovarian tissue cryopreservation is experimental


Why should heat wave warnings be targeted toward women?

Women are disproportionately affected by affects of heat waves

(And climate crises in general)


How many people globally are enslaved in human trafficking

>21 million 


What are the two "typical" behavior patterns that people who are being trafficked may present?

  1. Anger, verbally or physically abusive, demanding
  2. Withdrawn, quiet, does not interact or react to stimuli




Do men or women tend to be more severely impacted by climate change?



  • More likely to die during hurricainds
  • Lower life expectancy after surviving extreme weather
  • Increased risk of violence and assault
  • Increased risk of mood disorder
  • Vector-bourne diseases that affect fetus during pregnancy affect mom
  • More susceptibel to impacts of heat




Summarize what Roe v Wade (1973) held (2 points)

  • Women have a constitutional right to end their pregnancies
  • It is unconstitiutional for states to ban abortion before viability



Why is water scarcity more of a women's crisis than men's?

Women usually have the household role of providing water

Water scarcity -> more time collecting water


Is stress a biological cause of infertility?



BUT stress can result from infertility




I forgot to write down what this answer was, but pretty sure about A

Healthcare disparity = difference in access

Health outcome disparity = difference in outcome


Who is at an increased risk of sex trafficking?

  • Victims of sexual abuse
  • People in foster care, LGBT youth, runaway/throwaway youth
  • Peoply with psychiatric or mental vulnerabilities
    • Learning disabilities/cognitive delay
    • Psychosis, depression, personality disorder
    • Substance dependence



What is the difference between a health care disparity and a health outcome disparity?

Health care disparity = Population-specific difference in access to care

Health outcome disparity = Population-specific difference in health outcome

Health care disparities explain some, but not all, health outcome disparities


Is orgasm a learned behavior or an automatic response?

  • Men: automatic
  • Women: Learned



Will GnRH agonists preserve fertility if a patinet is going to undergo chemotherapy treatment?

What might they be helpful for?

Will not protect fertility

May prevent primary ovarian insufficiency
(The ovaries have functions in addition to just egg making)