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Tell us about your flying career to date.

Did AAFC, learnt about aviation
Did flying training at Oxford completed PPL, SE IR and CPL.
Did instructor rating and got a job at Oxford.
taught a range of students.
over time become Multi IFR instructor. learnt and refined skills, gained confidence.
now fly Dash 8s for Cobham, multi crew, large Aircraft and northern experience.


Why do you want to work for Qantas?

Like I'm sure all people here, I've always wanted to work for Qantas. There's something iconic about the brand, perhaps it's the "Still call Australia Home" commercials.
There are a few reasons,
business... Alan Joyce diversity
mentoring program... culture
training and personal development


What difficulties do you think Qantas will face into the future in both the domestic and international operation?

Slow down in resources boom
increased competition is a challenge for domestic and international. Virgin have new investors and partners who are state owned creating "uneven playing field"
Competition especially from Asia (low cost base) Virgin
Economic transition of Australia


Tell us a time you have made a decision during an event in your flying and upon review you decided that a better course of action should have been taken after the event.

Every flight and really everything I do, I reflect and consider could it have been done better.
Give a couple of simple examples
Reflecting allows for continuous improvement.
Turbulence or CTA violation


What is your understanding of the role of a SO and the work schedule involved? Are you happy to be away for extended periods of time?

There are a lot of elements to the SO job
Having a good understanding of the aircraft and SOPs to support and monitor other pilots
Offer support our advice before, during or after flight
give examples
Be across recent changes and emergency procedures to monitor and carry out roles
SA..offer extra eyes on flights aware of alternates, TX. All = Safety
Customer service


When have you received positive feedback for your customer service?

When I was first asked to instruct ATPL flight planning.
Had recently sat the exam
Oxford notes bad order, missing content, not exam relevant
Worked hard to create lesson plans, notes and Questions
Good ability to gauge class understanding, tailor class to suit
came in early, left late
re wrote internal exam in my time
Lots of positive feedback
Even after, students approached for help
email from James


What do you think of the troubles QF have faced?

There have been a lot
I think they were well handled by the management team.
Increased competition
High cost base as legacy carrier
High price of oil
Slowing resource sector
Grounding of A380 fleet
Jetstar Hong Kong venture


How do you feel about losing a stipe?

Doesn't bother me at all.
I'm a long term planner and this is certainly a step up.
I'm in AAFC with rank structure, I've learnt it's more about the job you do and if you enjoy it.
Flying less will be a challenge though, but I'll work to stay engaged and have opportunities in the sim.


When have you had to overcome an emotional situation to get on with the job?

Important to consider task at have and work through methodically
Flight from BUD-CS
re tasked
Work out location, fuel, get clearance
Amboc needed us to hold for longer
Enroute updated weather
looked at alternate
updated Amboc
bad Wx at Cairns
landed safely Trainer complemented on composure and SA


When have you been faced with an egotistical driven person, and there was a clash of egos and you have been forced to get your point across?

I was instructing ATPL Flight Planning to a Jetstar group
Getting to know them I learnt they were under a high workload
Toward end of subject CGI explains new requirement for ASL exam to be booked in
I explain about the high workload
CGI explains reason for new system
I explain concern that client Jetstar won't be happy if students fail
CGI says to find a date
when I come in next CGI approach to say she spoke with HOT and is more aware of the situation
I suggest offering review classes in mid semester break
students happy and do well
one gets 100%


When have you been part of a team and made the team work well or lead the team to a successful outcome?

Transferred to a new SQN.
Had been the best SQN, but been through issues with staffing
Low morale, staff overworked, low numbers and attendance.
CO have me 4 roles
I asked about allocating cadets as secondaries but CO against idea, but okay for them to help me
Gather senior cadets,
Mentor, follow up and support cadets
overtime improvement shown
CO trusts cadets
Legacy after leaving


Tell us about a time you were in a team with no team leader and had to step up.

Oxford got China Eastern contact, 5 instructors with first group.
Through talking to other instructors learnt of issues people are having.
Language barrier,
longer days and briefs
Another problem was the students talking to each other and interpreting information differently
I thought it was important that we were giving the same information to the customer and learning from each other
Arranged a meeting
Ideas like group briefings, more English lessons and booklets, all to reiterated different learning rates etc
Fortnightly catch ups
Good relationships with students
Really good feedback from monitor


Tell me about a time you encouraged someone else to speak up?

Do it all the time at work and in cadets

Shy female Chinese student
would get other students to speak for her
realised she was very smart
explained to her she's clever and had good English, but confidence is the problem
in briefings got her to talk
she did well