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What is the take off thrust?



What is V1, Vr and V2?

V1 133
Vr 140
V2 149


Target N1, attitude and speed for take off

85%, 12.5 degrees, 159kts (V2+10)


When accelerating, what calls are made when retracting the flap? When do you retract flap?

"flaps 1" through first F
"flaps up" through the next F


What do you do after the aircraft is clean and you reach 250kts

Raise attitude to 9 degrees and then call "after take off checklist"


Attitude to climb clean at 219kts

12 degrees


Attitude to climb at 250kts

9 degrees


How soon to start levelling off

10% of VSI


N1, attitude and speed for level flight?

63%, 3 degrees, 250kts


Take off procedure

Take off flap 5
Thrust levers to 65% call "Set thrust"
PF "thrust set, your thrust"
Rotate at Vr on speed tape
12.5 degrees Nose up
"gear up"
Accelerate to 159 then lower Nose passing 1000HAA to 7.5 degrees
"flaps 1" "flaps up"
Accelerate to 250kts then 9 degrees to maintain
"after take off checklist" when clean
Climb to 4000, level off use 10% of VSI
Maintain 250kts, 3 degrees, 63%


Power setting for decelerating, when do you take flap?

Select flaps 10 knots before minimum speed (F on ADI speed tape) this ensures you are configured before each minimum speed.


Configuring for and conducting descent?

Start clean, 250kts, 15DME (3.5 to TOD) 4000ft
Power idle
10kts before F "flaps 1"
10kts before F "flaps 5"
PM to set flap 5 speed, hold this speed.
At Glideslope alive "flaps 20"
At 1 dot below "gear down"
On glide slope "flap 30"
Target Vref+5 146kts (65%, 2 degrees)


Go power attitude and speed

85% (advance thrust levers and call "Set thrust"
12.5 degrees


conducting a go around

at DA "Go around, flap 20" maintain 146kts
increase power, raise noise to 12.5 degrees
"Set thrust"
positive rate of climb "gear up"
Climb at 146kts to 1000HAA
lower Nose to 7 degrees and through F "flaps 10", "flaps 5", "flaps 1", "flaps up".
Accelerate to 250kts
attitude to 9 degrees
"after take off checklist"
level off 250kts, 63%, 3 degrees