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What is the Qantas diversity council called?
What are its objectives?

Qantas Diversity and Inclusion Council
Building an inclusive culture
Gender inclusion
Company reconciliation action plan


What industry group is Alan Joyce part of?

Male Champions of Change


What percentage does Alan Joyce want females in senior roles to fulfil?

42% equal to female % in the organisation.


How can the 787 Perth -London route be described?

Hub Burster
Game changer


Who is Qantas partnering with to learn more about the impact of long haul travel on passenger experience?
What will they be looking into?

University of Sydney
researching how lighting, temperature and meals on the flights using research


Alan Joyce question from young Indigenous girl

"If a gay Irishman can be the CEO an indigenous women certainly could"


Gareth Evans on the A380

"12 is the right number"
They'll be used on slot restricted routes into Asia on a seasonal bases to places like Hong Kong and Beijing


Andrew David on Cost per available seat kilometre compared to Virgin

"It's just 3% higher compared to 18% 3 years ago"


What are Qantas's strategic priorities?

1 Safety and security
2 maximising leading domestic position,
sustainable international
aligning Qantas and Jetstar with Asia growth
diversification and growth at loyalty
3 Harnessing data and digital
4 Focus on people, culture and leadership
5 Responsible action on energy, emissions and supply chain


What is Qantas doing about safety and security

Ongoing internal evaluation of systems abs processes including assessment against IATA Operational Safety audit standard
Industry leading LOSA program
Investment in pilot Training
Improved use of flight data analysis