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What are some adjectives suffixes?

adjective endings: able, ible, al, ial, ed, ful, ic, ical, ish, ive, ative, less, ous, eous, ious, -y


What is the suffix -ed used to form ?

Adjectives from noun phrases; blue-eyed, long-haired


what classes can we divide adjectives into?

Used alone or with one or more modifers, adjectives can be:
-a pre-modifier of a noun
-a subject complement
-an object complement


When are adjectives attributive?

When they are used as pre-modifiers:
ex: it was a comfortable ride


When are adjectives predicative ( a part of the predicate?

When they are used as either subject complement or object complement:
ex:-The ride was comfortable
ex:-I made the bed comfortable


What are central adjectives?

when adjectives are central they can be used in all three functions.


How do we grade and compare adjectives?

we can say that something is a bit hot, somewhat hot, quite hot, very hot, extremely hot, We can also compare things and say that somthins is hotter than somehting else or that it is the hottest of a number of things.


What are intensifiers and what do we use them for?

We use intensifiers for gradeability. Words such as; very, fairly, pretty, rather, difficult, too old.


How many grades of comparison are there?

same :


What are the absolute, comparative and superlative forms of the verb: Best ?

absolute; good
comparative: better
superlative: best