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What is learning? How do you test learning?

Basic form: test ppl on it-- how can you replicate the info?

REPLICATION- how well can you replicate a movement


What is the K-9 Physical and Health Education Curriculum?

It's like a road map

Curriculum- need it to serve as a point of replication and standardization to allow for comparison
-helps us get the students where they need to be. All children are reaching the same goals as the rest of the students.


What are students expected to do in the new BC curriculum?

-develop an understanding of the many aspects of well-being, including the physical, mental and social
-develop the movement knowledge, skills, and understandings needed for lifelong participation in a range of phys activities
-develop knowledge, skills and strategies for building respectful relationships, positive self-identity, self-determination, and mental WB
-demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to make informed decisions that support personal and community health and safety


What is the major focus in learning for this course?

-develop the movement knowledge, skills and understandings needed for lifelong participation in a range of PA


What are the 3 elements of the new BC Curriculum model (k-9)?

1. Content- what students are expected to know
2. Curricular Competencies- what students are expected to do
3. Big Ideas- what students are expected to understand


What are the curricular competences and content organized in relation to?

to curriculum organizers:
1. Physical literacy
2. Healthy and active living
3. Social and community health
4. Mental Well-being


This area focuses on students acquiring the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that will enable them to successfully participate in a wide range of physical activities.

Physical literacy


This area focuses on various aspects of developing a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of school, including healthy eating, daily physical activity, and healthy choices that influence health and well-being.

Healthy and Active Living


The overall health and safety of ourselves and others is directly influenced by our surroundings, including the physical environment and interpersonal relationships. Focusing on the reciprocal relationship between individual and community health enables students to develop an understanding of how we as individuals can influence, and be influenced by, the health of others and the community.

Social and Community Health


This area enables students to learn about the many factors in our lives that influence our mental well-being, including our sense of self, our relationships with others, and how we might cope with the many changes we experience throughout our lives. Additionally, students will explore various pressures and influences on mental well-being while learning about strategies to promote mental well- being for themselves and others.

Mental WB


How do ppl learn? (Curriculum @ the lesson level)

Objective specific outcomes
Domains (CAPs)
1. Cognitive
2. Affective (social)
3. Psychomotor


What are Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs)?

-Content standards for the provincial education system- they are the prescribed curriculum
-written within curriculum organizers
-what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of the specified subject and grade


What are the 2 theories for proximal vs distal dev?

They look at differences in skill performance associated with developmental maturation
Theory 1: Distal dev follows proximal development (inter-dependence)
T2: 2 different motor control systems
-implications for general PE, as well as treatment programs for motor dysfunction


3 types of FMS

1. Manipulative skills
2. Locomotor skills
-running, jumping, hopping
3. Stabilizing skills
-twisting etc


What are fundamental motor skills?

They are building blocks
-once you get older these movements will become more and more refined


What are the 4 related stages/features of health related fitness?

1. Efficient mover- if you are able to move efficiently you will have more positive views for PA- you will seek out activities more
2. Activity seeker
3. Physical fitness
4. Activity persistence- beyond the standard peak
-positive pattern of movement- important b.c these things become harder and harder to do


Girls vs boys for PA and participation

1. girls are less active than boys
2. girls less active in older ado
-both boys and girls are more sedentary than in the past
3. Minority group less active
4. Lower SES group less active


What did we discuss for if children should be cut from teams?

-if there are opportunities for the ind
-there is a point where cutting shouldn't be accepted


What are barriers to participating in sport?

-perceived competence
-cost of activities
-paid work
-perceptions of gender appropriateness
-hyper-competitiveness of boys


How many children drop out of sport annually in NA?

-the proportion of Canadian ado participation regularly in sport has dropped from 75% in 92 to 58% in 2005


What are the 2 main intrapersonal contraints that are influencing why ppl are dropping out of sport?

1. Not fun
2. Perceptions of physical competence


What are the 4 areas of that influence your physical activities and global self worth?

1. Competence motivation
2. Social Enviro
3. Competing priorities
4. Physiological/physical factors


When do children most enjoy PA? (5)

When they...
1. Can choose to engage in sports and rec activities that are most appealing to them
2. Are taught necessary skills
3. Develop confidence in their PA
4. Are guided by competent, knowledgeable, and supportive adults
5. Are supported by cultural norms that make participation in PA desirable


What are the strong differences in achievement and participation seen in young women?

-gender differences in children's attitudes appear quite young
-gender differences are considered to be predominately a consequence of gender-role socialization
-92-95% of Gr 10 girls choose not to take PE when it becomes an elective


What are young women influenced by for physical activities?

They don't engage in PA for LT health benefits, but are very much influenced by ST benefits such as weight less, fitness, and feelings of well-being
-many girls have an implicit belief that if they developed their physique (toward muscularity) they will be labelled lesbian and socially ostacised


What are things that motivate young ppl to engage in PA?

-social affiliation
-team aspects


What is health promotion?

The science and art of helping ppl change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health
-involves working with:
1. populations
2. communities
3. individuals


What are examples of health promotion?

-bike lanes on Pandora
-vikes nation
-bike to go
-aquafit for free


Explain the role of a physical educator as a contributor to the overall motor dev of children between age 5-11

-dev of motor skills
-create pos learning enviro
-dev social aspects of learning
-create pos perceptions of their competence
-teach skills for more specific application further in life


3 types of health

1. physical health
2. mental health
3. social health
-mental and social have been newly brought in to the new changes in the BC curriculum


What are the 3 levels of prevention?

1. Primary
-prevent on-set (ifestyle, safety equipment, sunscreen etc)
2. Secondary
-early diagnosis and treatment (screen programs)
3. Teritary (comes after)
-rehab and support


What are some limitations of prevention?

-prevention is not a 'magic bullet'
-messages eventually wear our
-limitations in technical advances
-ethical concerns- fines or taxes for acting in unhealthy ways
-economic limitations


In practice, what are the best ways to handle prevention?

1. Assess needs of target pop
2. Develop appropriate goals and objectives
3. Create an intervention that considers the peculiarities of the setting
4. Implement the prevention
5. Evaluate the results


The study of the distribution of disease and determinants of disease and injuries in human pop



What are some reasons we are seeing an increase in childhood obesity?

Don't see kids free playing anymore, some ppl say they are in too many organized/structured sports
-some say electronics
-some say that it's for safety reasons- can't let your kids out to play by themselves


What are some ways we are decreasing the number of facial injuries/neural damage?

-put stop signs on the backs of hockey players
-football and hockey- both having legal issues and potentionally losing financial support bc parents aren't signing their kids up enough


Describe the ways that a health promotion specialist and bio-mechanist might work to prevent or reduce the severity of concussive injuries in snowboarding?

Helmets mandatory, age you can use park facilities, safe practice measures before accessing the hill, riding with friends/family, staying in designated areas, make sure you’re physically fit, getting cool helmets and having pro athletes to wear helmets


If you were a sport sociologist, what would you do to reduce the severity of injuries in snowboarding/skiing?

-build healthy public policy
-find something achievable and sustainable for all
-create supportive envio


What is the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion?

The first international conference on health promotion
-charter for action to achieve health for all by the year 2000 and beyond


What are the 5 major areas in the Ottawa Charter for Health promotion?

1. Build Healthy Public Policy
2. Create supportive enviros
3. Strengthen Community Actions
4. Develop Personal Skills
5. Reorient Health Services


What does the healthy public policy aim to do?

Aims to ensure safer and healthier goods and services, healthier public services, clearer and more enjoyable enviros
eg. seat belt or smoking laws


What are ways to create supportive healthy environs?

Important to change the patterns of life, work and leisure
-work and leisure should be a source of health for ppl
-the way society organizes work should help create a healthy society


What are ways to strengthen community action?

Community development draws on existing human material resources in the community to enhance self-help and social support
-develop flexible systems for strengthening public participation in an direction of health matters


3 strategies to improve health services in the community

1. Advocate (holistic approach)
-good health is important for social, economical and personal dev and an important dimension of quality of life
2. Enable (education)
-reduce differences in current health status and ensuring equal opportunities and resources to enable all ppl to achieve their fullest health potention
3. Mediate
-mediate b/w the differing interests in society for pursuit of health
-adapt health promotion strategies and programs to the local needs of communities etc


What is the mission of Healthy Schools BC?

Support students to develop healthy habits for a lifetime
-adopt a comprehensive school health approach


What is school connectedness?

-safe, seen, heard, supported, significant and cared for
-building strong, positive relationships between students, staff and community


What are benefits of school connectedness?

-increased school completion rates, attendance, self-reported grades and academic competence
-class room engagement
-expectations for attending post-sec
-self-reported health status
less- depression etc, disruptive or violent behaviour, Sub use, early sex


What are LT benefits of school connectedness?

1. wages
2. tax revenue
3. life expectancy
1. social assistance costs
2. healthcare costs
3. substance use
4. crime and incarceration rates


What is food literacy?

Having knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to choose, grow, prepare and enjoy food to support one's health, community and the enviro