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What is rec?

The expenditure of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of one's body or mind


What is leisure?

More likely a form of entertainment or rest, rec is active for the Ps but in a refreshing and diverting manner


Rec related to PA

An activity that ppl
-engage in during their free time and enjoy
-recognize as having socially redeeming values
Morally acceptable
-The specific activity performed is less important than the reason for performing the activity, which is he outcome
-hope these pursuits can help balance their lives


How are recreation programs used to produce socially desirable outcomes?

-Promotion of the wise use of free time, physical fitness, and positive youth dev
-the organized dev of rec programs to meet a variety of physical, psyc and social needs has led to rec playing a role as a social instrument for WB and change

eg. boy/girl scouts, boys and girls club, YMCA


3 ways that leisure can be

1. Leisure as time
-time free from obligations, work and tasks required to exist
2. Leisure as activity
-not life maintenance tasks
-reading, painting, meditating
3. Leisure as a state of mind


What is leisure as a state of mind?

-deals with an individual's perception of an activity
eg intrinsic motivation, perceived competence, positive affect as critical to determining whether an experience is leisure or not
-when dif ppl engage in the same activity, their SOM can differ drastically


What is play?

Imaginative, intrinsically motivated, freely chosen, and actively engaging
-not just for kids
-adults also play
-more with rules and regs
-children's play is typically spontaneous, joyful and for its inherent pleasure


What are some reasons to study rec and leisure?

Substantial proportion of our time is spent doing RandL
-increasingly sedentary lifestyles have increased the need for rec to maintain health and wellness
-important role for ind, communities
-significant economic driver
-reduced demand on medical system
-active vacations/tourism


How can we use R&L research?

Can help
-better understand ourselves and society
-address leisure and rec needs
-improve the quality of life and the community
-help adjust to life stages
-contribute to physical, social and economic WB of society


Research conducted by the Saanich Peninsula Diabetes Prevention Project looked at what?

Look at the contribution of rec programs to the prevention of Type 2 diabetes
-decrive the programs's influence on Ps lives
8w program offered to low income ppl, seniors and ppl with type 2 dia


What were the 3 major themes identified by the Saanich peninsula diabetes prevention project?

1. Focused on the advantages of monitoring tools
2. Focused on supportive enviros
2. Focused on Ps' acquired knowledge to support behaviour changes and self-reported perceived improvements in health


How did the supportive enviro influence the pennisula study?

Functioned as a motivating factor for individuals and it nurtured connections among Ps.
The goal-setting activity was personal and individualized and Ps determined their own aspirations

Healthier me- more positive about life in general
-affected all parts of life


What was the conclusion of the study?

Publicly-funded recreation is one of the economic and social conditions influencing the health of ind. and communities b/c of its potential intending to ppl and places


For something to be recreationally complete what 3 things does it need?

1. Opportunity
2. Accessibility
3. Recognition
that rec and leisure are necessary for ALL


What was the gym's fail test?

A 2005 survey revealed that most of the private national gym chains do not provide full access for ppl with a disability
1. access to building
2. access to pool
3. access to equipment
4. trained and supportive staff


Who was Jane Jacobs?

An American-Canadian writer and activist with primary interest in communities and urban planning and decay,

She was passionate about community and discussing what neighbourhoods used to be and what their now are.

She gets it- she single handedly stopped highways going through the main parts of NY


What does rec do for culture?

Rec helps to shape determine and identify the vulture of society
-wjat rec and leisure activities define you as a Canadian


What are examples of active and passive rec?

PASSIVE: going for a walk
-active: -require more extensive facilities
-sports, bridge, rock climbing
-doesn't have to be physical eg. bridge
-require more extensive facilities
-require more physical/mental effort
-sports, bridge, rock climbing


What type of things are offered through private rec?

-offer more specialized opportunities
-clibing, london chef (specialized cooking), moksha yoga
-higher cost


Public rec opportunities

-more general programs
-the fisher price of rec
-high variety that are general in nature


How many parks are in vic?

there are over 300 public parks in Vic
-maintained by municiple staff


what are some examples of rec facilities in vic?

-we have a lot of facilities in Vic
-offer a wide variety of health and wellness programs
-sports, dance, cooking
-accessible both physically and financially


What has been added to the park and rec aspect of Victoria's 'Park and Rec'?

Culture- within the last 5 yrs
-public art- whales in centenial park
-public markets
-the pianos around town
-outdoor concerts


Why do we have PRC in our community?

-to enhance life in our community through the provision of quality services
-bring ppl and communities together
eg Oak Bay Tea Party

-everyone uses these services


What is the organizational structure of parks and rec? who is at the top?

Citizens because its all on tax payers $$$$$$