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the maximum electrical trade size of intermediate conduit (mm)

100 mm


is a type of permit needed before starting any installation work, alternation, repair or extension on any electrical system

Electrical permit


The PEC is intended for _________ applications by government bodies exercising legal jurisdiction over electrical installation



Equipment for instal lation in hazardous locations must be tested and approved for use
according to the classification of the hazardous involved. These are divided into ______

3 groups


Individual branch circuits using type FCC (Flat Conductor Cable) shall have ratings not
exceeding ____(A)

30 A


__________ is applicable for underground service entrance conductors

USE type conductor


If there are three wires of 150 mm2 connected to one terminal entering a cabinet or a
switchboard, the bending space at each terminal shall NOT be less than _______,(mm) provided the conductors do not enter or leave the enclosure through the wall opposite i ts terminals.

250 mm


A clearance of not less than ______(mm) shall be secured between bare current carrying metal
parts and any metal surface of an auxiliary gutter

26 mm


No box shall have an internal depth of less than _____(mm)

12 mm


Which of the following electrical conductor has the highest resistance?
(3.5 mm2, 8.0 mm2, 2.0 mm2, 5.5 mm2).
Note: Resistance is inversely proportional to the cross -sectional area of the conductor wire

2.0 mm2


_______ is a device or equipment which is suspended from overhead either by means of a
flexible cord carrying the current, or otherwise.



In the schedule of loads for motor circuits, which of the following is NOT included?

(Type of motor, Motor ’s manufacturer , Motor as numbered or identified in the power layout,
number of phase).

Motor ’s manufacturer


____(A) is the allowable ampacity of THW insulated copper conductor with an area of 8.0 mm2
and exposed to an ambient temperature of 30C.

45 A


For two conductors inside the conduit, the ampacity of the conductors shall be derated to
what percent?

(90%, 80%, 70%, none of these).

Note: Derating is appl icable only if there
are 3 or more wires.

none of these


Electrical equipment may best be mounted on a concrete wall by using an ________

expansion bolt.


What is the neutral load of a range that has a demand load of 10.4 kW?

7.28 kW

Neutral Load =70% of demand load (0.7) (0.4 kW) = 7.28 kW


If the project is extensive and requires more time for checking and for computations of
fees, the issuance of the electrical permi t need not be issued immediately. However, the
delay shall not be longer than ________

5 working days


Splices in ground conductors shall be as few as practicable and shall be attached so as to
withstand a pull test of

890 Newtons


______ locations are hazardous because of the presence of combustible dust.

Class II


Al l located parts within _____(mm) of the lighting protection system shall be bonded

1,800 mm


_______ is an operation at substantially constant load for an indefinitely long time. (April 2016)

Continuous duty


Transformer exceeding 112.5 kVA, shall not be located within ______(mm) from combustible materials of the building.

300 mm


Electrodes of iron or steel plates shall be at least______(mm) in thickness.

6.4 mm


The frame of the vehicle-mounted generator shall be permitted to serve as the grounding electrode for a system supplied by a generator located on the vehicle under the following conditions:

-The vehicle of the generator is bonded to the vehicle frame.
-The generator supplies only equipment located on the vehicle.
-The non-current carrying metal parts of equipment and the equipment grounding conductor terminals of the receptacles are bonded to the generator frame


The minimum insulation level for the neutral conductors of a solidity grounded system shall be ___(V)

600 V


The following copper conductors have the same cross sectional area but are made up of different number of strands. Which one has the least resistance to AC current?

19-strand conductor
Single solid conductor
7-strand conductor
37-strand conductor

Single solid conductor


Advisory rules in the Code are characterized by the use of the word ______.



_______ is a device capable to drawing lightning discharge to it in preference to vulnerable parts of the protected area

Air terminal


Conductors normally used to carry current shall be of _______ unless otherwise provided in the PEC.



_________ is fastened or otherwise secured at a specific location

Fixed appliance


___(A) is a standard rating of an inverse time CB

110 A


Aerial cable under non-metallic extensions shall have a clearance of not less than _____(mm) from steel structure members or other conductive materials.

50 mm


Above ground tanks containing liquids at atmospheric pressure are considered to be protected against lightning if the following requirements are met. Which one is NOT included?

The metal roof shall have a minimum thickness of 4.8 mm
The roof shall be welded, bolstered or riveted to the shell
All pipes entering the tank shall be metallically connected to the tank at the point of entrance
None of these

None of these


According to Republic Act No. 184, a licensed Master Electrician may operate and tend generator rated up to _____(V)

750 volts


A heavy duty lamp holder shall have a rating not less than 660 watts.
38. In rigid metal conduit wiring, conduits shall be supported at least every ______(mm)

3,000 mm.


Conductors used in open wiring method within______(mm) from the floor shall be considered exposed to physical damage.

2,000 mm


Heating elements of cables shall be separated at least _____ (mm) from the edge of outlet boxes and junction boxes.

200 mm


Auxiliary gutters shall NOT contain more than ___ current carrying conductors at any cross section.



Circuits rated from 201 to 400 A requires a minimum insulation resistance of ____(Ohms)

25,000 ohms


No over-current device shall be connected in series with any conductor that is ________.

intentionally grounded


Which of the following size of single-phase transformer is NOT standard? (30 kVA, 37 ½ kVA, 75 kVA, 20 kVA)



For the purpose of lightning protection, a high rise building is a building with a height over ___.(m)

23 m


Cable tray shall NOT be used in



TW type of electrical conductor has a trade name of

“moisture resistant thermoplastic”. (April 2016)


_____ is a device used for the purpose of minimizing irregularities in the flow of welding currents.



For all land-based electrical installation under the scope of the PEC, where should an electrical permit be filed?

Ans. Local Building Office


For an ambient temperature of 30C, a THW insulated copper conductor with a cross sectional area of 3.5 mm2 and buried underground has a ___(A) ampacity.

30 A


A heavy duty lamp holder shall have a rating not less than _____(W)

660 watts


For each 2-wire laundry branch circuit, a feeder load of NOT less than_____(VA) shall be included

1,500 VA


The computed load for the branch circuit installed to supply exterior signs and outline lightning shall be computed at a minimum of ____(VA)

1,200 VA


Non-metallic boxes shall be permitted only with:

concealed knob & tube wiring, non-metallic sheathed cable, and open wiring on insulators.

concealed knob & tube wiring, non-metallic sheathed cable, and open wiring on insulators.


A building or other structure serve shall be supplied by only one service drop EXCEPT for:
Multiple occupancy building
Fire pumps
Emergency electrical system
All of these

All of these


Air terminals exceeding 600 mm in height shall be supported at a point NOT less than ____ of its height.



At least __entrance shall be provided to give access to the working space about electrical equipment



Sheet steel metal boxes over 1,640 cm3 in size shall be made from steel NOT less than _____________

1.35 mm thick uncoated


For straight pulls, the length of the pull box shall NOT be less than _____ the outside diameter over sheath of the largest shielded or lead covered conductor or cable entering the box.

48 times


_______ a type of cable, is a fabricated assembly of insulated conductors enclosed in a flexible metal sheath

Armored cable


______________ circuits shall NOT be grounded

Heath care facilities


An attachment plug and receptacle shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means for single phase room air conditioner rated 250 V or less, if the manual controls of the room air conditioner is readily accessible and located within _______(mm) distance from the floor.

1,800 mm


There are situations where deviations from the code requirements are necessary. Before such deviations are made, there must be a written permission from _______________

Board of Electrical Engineering


Circuits with rigid non-metallic conduit approved for direct burial and placed under streets, hi-ways, roads, alleys, driveways and parking lots shall have a minimum cover distance of_________(mm).

600 mm


Energized parts of generators operated at ____________ shall NOT be exposed to accidental contact where accessible to unqualified persons.

more than 50 V to ground


________, a test condition, is so constructed or protected that exposure to a beating rain will not result in the entrance of water. (April 2016)



The cross sectional area in square millimeters of a conductor shall be durably marked on the surface repeated at intervals NOT exceeding ____(mm)

600 mm


Motor circuit switches _________ to be of the knife switch type

shall be permitted


The following are common splicing rules EXCEPT one. Which one is this?

A splice must provide a path for the current to pass through.
A joint must be mechanically as strong as the wire itself.
All splices must be mechanically and electrically secured by means of a solder.
Wires of the same size should be spliced together in line.

Wires of the same size should be spliced together in line.


For watercrafts, electrical permit should be filed in ______________.

Maritime Industry Authority


Reconnection by the supplier of electrical energy in cases where service has been cut-off due to non-payment of bills shall NOT require a new certificate of inspection provided the period of cut-off is NOT more than _______

one year


Liquidtight flexible non-metallic conduit _________ where the voltage of the contained conductors is in excess of _____(V).

shall NOT be used
600 V


Roofs with a series of parallel ridges shall have air terminals along the end ridge at intervals NOT exceeding ________(mm).

7,600 mm


Communication wires and cables shall be separated at least ______(mm) of minimum distance from the service drops of electric light and power conductors, which are not installed in a raceway or in cable. (April 2016)

300 mm


Service entrance using copper conductors shall have sufficient capacity and shall NOT be smaller than _____(mm2).

8.0 mm2


__________– hazardous locations in which easily ignitable fibers or material producing combustible flyings are handled, manufactured or used.

Class III, Division 1


The rating of the over-current device shall NOT be less than the non-continuous load plus a percentage of the continuous load

Ans. 125%


A ________(A) (2) branch circuit shall be permitted to supply cooking appliances that are fastened in place in any occupancy

40 or 50 A


An over-current device shall be connected at the point where the conductors to be protected receives its supply.

receives its supply.


Service entrance cables shall be supported by straps or other approved methods within _____(mm) of every service head

300 mm


Type MC cable shall be supported and secured at intervals NOT exceeding ______(mm)

1,800 mm


_____ is a point in a wiring system at which current is taken to be used in some equipment



Live vegetation or trees ________ for support of overhead conductor spans.

shall NOT be used


is a conductor having no covering or electrical insulation.

Bare conductor


Type FC cables shall have the temperature rating durably marked on the surface at intervals NOT exceeding_____(mm)

600 mm


____________ – hazardous locations where combustible dust is not normally in the air in quantities sufficient to provide explosive or ignitable mixtures, and dust accumulations are normally insufficient with the normal operation of electrical equipment.

Class II, Division 2


The clearance from the top of a switchboard to a ceiling which is combustible shall NOT be less than___(mm) .

1,000 mm


Overhead conductors used in festoon lighting shall NOT be less than _____(mm2).

3.5 mm2


Conductors used in lightning protection system maybe coursed through air without support for a distance of ______(mm)

900 mm


In concealed knob and tube wiring, the clearance to be maintained between conductors is ____(mm).

76 mm


A run of type IGS cable between pull boxes or terminations shall NOT contain more than the equivalent of__________

4 quarterbends


For optional calculation in dwelling units, the first 10 kW shall be computed at ____% while the remainder is at ___%.



Operation of equipment in excess of normal, full load rating or of a conductor in excess of rated ampacity.

Ans. Overload


Branch circuit larger than ___(A) shall supply only non-lighting outlet loads

50 A


When circuit breakers are installed in enclosed switchboards, they are usually derated to ____%.



Which of the following statement is NOT true?

Electrical equipment and wiring not mentioned in the code shall require a special permission prior to installation.
Extended use of temporary installation shall not require a new approved electrical permit.
An application of inspection shall be filed with the government agency concerned before a preliminary and or final inspection is done.
A copy of the electrical permit shall be posted or kept at the job site at all times, until the approval of the work have been made.

Extended use of temporary installation shall not require a new approved electrical permit.


Fixed electric space heating loads shall be computed at ____% of the total computed load.



The powers of the Board are vested in them by whose authority?

Ans. Under RA 7920


The current carrying conductors in cable bus shall have insulation rating of _________(C) .

70 C or more


In hazardous location, the use of non-metallic conduit shall be permitted provided it is buried NOT less than ___________(mm).

600 mm below the earth level


Open conductors shall be separated from open conductors of other circuits by NOT less than_____(mm)

100 mm


For each 2-wire laundry branch circuit, a feeder load of NOT less than ________(VA) shall be included

1,500 VA


The computed load for the branch circuit installed to supply exterior signs and outline lightning shall be computed at a minimum of ______.(VA)

1,200 VA