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is the contact device installed at the outlet for the connection of a single attachment plug.



With respect to the safety value of the insulation on electrical maintenance tools, it can be said properly that : _____________________________

the insulation should NOT be used as the only protective measure.


For ranges of 8.75 kW or more in rating, the minimum branch circuit rating shall be ___(A).

40 A


Service heads and goosenecks in service entrance cable shall be _____ the point of attachment of the service drops to the building.



is a disruptive discharge around or over the surface of a solid or liquid insulator.



The minimum size of service lateral conductors using copper wires shall be _______(mm2).

5.5 mm2


______shall NOT be installed in circuits exceeding ______V between conductors.

Plug fuses
250 V


A continuous electrical load is one where the maximum current is expected to continue for a minimum duration of time. What is this minimum duration of time? (April 2016)

Ans. 3 hours


Direct buried conductors and cables emerging from the ground shall be protected by enclosures or raceways extending from the minimum cover distance required to a point ______(mm) above finished grade.

2,400 mm


For installations to supply only limited loads of a single branch circuit, service entrance conductors shall NOT be smaller than ____(mm2) hard drawn copper.

3.5 mm2


is the upper most portion of a lightning protection system.

Air terminal


Where no standard electrical equipment of the exact size or rating required is available, ___________maybe used.

the next larger standard size


______(mm2) is the minimum size of service drop copper conductors allowed by the PEC.

8.0 mm2


Entrances to rooms and other guarded locations containing exposed energized parts shall be marked with a _______.

warning sign


Appliance outlets installed in a dwelling unit for specific appliances, such as laundry equipment, shall be installed within ______(mm) of the intended location of the appliance.

1,800 mm


is the maximum permitted load of a 20-A branch circuit. (A)

16 A

Permitted load = 80% of the branch circuit rating = (0.80)(20) = 16 A


For warehouses or storage, a general lighting load of _____(VA/m2) shall be used.

2 VA/m2


Outlets for heavy-duty lamp holders shall be rated:__ (VA)

600 VA.


When fastening an outlet to a brick wall, the electrician should use ___________.

expansion bolts


is a portion of a lightning protection system extending into the earth.

Ground terminal


Open conductors passing over public streets, alleys, roads, parking areas subject to truck traffic shall maintain a vertical height _______(mm) from finished grade.

5,500 mm


Using copper, the minimum size of service entrance conductors shall be ______(mm2).

8.0 mm2


When testing the insulation integrity of a new or old electrical wiring installation circuit _______(mm2) conductors, the Code specifies a minimum insulation resistance of ___________(ohms).

5.5 mm2
250,000 ohms


_____________ is usually made on cables after installation.

Insulation resistance test


For four to six conductors in a conduit, the derating factor for the conductor ampacity is___%`.



When soldering two copper surfaces together, they should be kept clean while heating by the use of ____



Circuits with a voltage of ____V or less in a rigid metal conduit or in a rigid metal conduit or in a rigid non-metallic conduit approved for direct for direct burial and placed under driveways and parking areas of ____________(mm) shall have a minimum cover distance of _______.

600 V
a one or two family dwelling units,
460 mm


Plate electrodes of non-ferrous metal shall be at least ____(mm) in thickness.

1.5 mm


Conductors are selected at NOT less than ____% of the nameplate rating of the water heater.



The ____ requires that no electrical installation, alteration or addition shall be connected or reconnected to any electrical power supply without a __________

certificate of inspection.


Neutral current up to 200 A is computed at ____%



In general, layout of motors and power outlets NOT exceeding a total of __ may be included in the lighting layout provided such inclusion will not make the reading, interpretation and or checking of the said plan difficult.



Direct grade level access is defined as being located NOT more than ______(mm) above grade level and being readily accessible.

2,000 mm


For armories and auditoriums, the general lighting load shall be______(VA/m2).

8 VA/m2


Before an ammeter is disconnected from an energized current transformer circuit, _______________

Primary winding should be opened.


Power conductors on poles, below communication conductors shall maintain a spacing distance of _____(mm).

760 mm


It is the intent of the PEC that factory-installed internal wiring or the construction of equipment need NOT be inspected at the time of installation of the equipment EXCEPT

To test for continuity
To test for durability
To detect alterations or damages
All of these

To detect alterations or damages


The standard conductor sizes shall be expressed in _______

square millimeters


is the minimum vertical clearance from finished grade of a service drop conductor installed between buildings on residential properties and driveways. (mm)

4,600 mm


Where a neutral is NOT available, the grounding impedance shall be installed between the (2)

grounding electrode and the neutral derived from a grounding transformer.


The voltage developed between the portable or mobile equipment frame and ground by the flow of maximum ground fault current shall NOT exceed ______V.

100 V


A single electrode consisting of a rod, pipe or plate shall have a resistance to ground of ______ohms or less.

25 ohms


Where more than one electrode is used, each electrode of one grounding system shall NOT be less than _____(mm) from any other electrodes of another grounding system.

1,900 mm


the ________________ shall make the final decision in the interpretation of controversial provisions of the PEC.

Board of Electrical Engineering


For equipment protected by a 20-A over-current device, the minimum size of equipment grounding conductor using copper shall be _____(mm2).

3.5 mm2


The height of air terminals shall be such as to bring the tip NOT less than _____(mm) above the object to be protected for _______(mm) maximum intervals.

254 mm
6,000 mm


The minimum clearance between the overhead ground wires and the highest protection on the protected structure shall be __________(mm)

1,800 mm.


Mandatory rules of the PEC are characterized by the use of the word _____



S2 means

duplex switch.


_______ conductor is applicable only on dry locations

Type RH

Note: To be applicable for wet locations, a letter W shall be included in the type letter of the conductor. Without W, the conductor is applicable only in dry locations


Enclosures for over-current devices shall be mounted in ________ position.



______(mm) is the minimum depth of clear working space in front of a switchboard rated at _____V, where there are exposed energized parts on both sides of the workspace.

1,900 mm
4,160 V


A 2 mm2 TW copper conductor has an ampacity equal to ___(A).

15 A


Circuits with a voltage of ______V or less in a rigid non-metallic conduit approved for direct burial without concrete encasement and placed in trench below a ____ (mm)thick concrete or equivalent shall have a minimum cover distance of ______(mm).

600 V
50 mm
300 mm


is a single enclosed raceway for conductors or cables.



Which of the following statements in NOT correct?

The use of an inductive ballast for fluorescent lamps is usually because it is the most efficient
Lighting fixtures having exposed ballasts shall be so installed that they will NOT be in contact with combustible materials
A ballast which incorporates an autotransformer to raise the voltage to more than 300 V shall be supplied only by a supply system which is grounded
A receptacle outlet installed outdoors shall be located so that water accumulation is NOT likely to touch the outlet cover or plate

The use of an inductive ballast for fluorescent lamps is usually because it is the most efficient


Conductor crossings of more than _______ shall NOT be permitted.

2 type FCC cable runs


A generator set used for standby power systems shall have a time delay feature permitting a _________ setting to avoid retransfer in case of short time reestablishment of the normal source.

15 minute


Rigid metal conduit shall be firmly fastened within ________(mm) of each outlet box.

900 mm


Type TW conductors have a maximum operating temperature of ____C.



_____ cable shall be permitted for use underground including _______.

Type UF
direct burial to earth


Enclosures of metal for electrodes of electric discharge tubings shall NOT be less than ______(mm) thick sheet metal.

0.50 mm


A general-purpose single-phase motor rated 0.5 hp has a current rating of 5 A. what should be the setting of the overload relay that is installed to protect the motor? Assume the service factor of the motor to be 1.0.

Ans. 5.75 A

Setting = 115% of FLA if motor SF is 1.0 = 1.15 x 5 = 5.75 A


The grounded conductor of type ______cable shall be identified by means of a distinctive and durable_______ marking.

FC (flat conductor)
white or natural gray


For multiple motors on a single crane or hoist, the minimum circuit ampacity of the power conductors shall be the nameplate full load ampere rating of the largest motor for any single crane motion, plus __%_ of the nameplate full load ampere rating of the next largest motor.



Individually covered or insulated grounding conductors shall have a continuous outer finish that is __________ (April 2016)

either green, or green with one or more yellow stripes.


Intermediate metal conduit shall be shipped in standard lengths of _____(mm) .

3,000 mm


The smallest copper conductor of type MC cable shall be (mm2)

0.75 mm2


If a bare live conductor is touched accidentally, the severity of the electrical shock is determined primarily by the _____________________

contact resistance between the bare wire and the person at the point of contact.


_____(mm) is the smallest electrical trade size for flexible metal conduit.

15 mm


, as applied to circuit breaker, a term indicating there is purposely introduced a delay in the tripping action of the CB.

Inverse time


is a factory assembly of one or more conductors each individually insulated and enclosed in a loose fit non-metallic flexible conduit as an integrated gas spacer.

Type IGS


Hazardous locations are classified by the PEC in ____

three classes.


The branch circuit conductors supplying one or more units of a data processing system shall have an ampacity NOT less than ____% of the total connected load.



The main disconnecting means for all electric driven irrigation machines shall be visible and NOT more than _____m from the machine.

15 m


is a factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors having an outer sheath of moisture resistant flame-retardant, non-metallic material.

. Non-metallic sheathed cable


The bottom of sign and outline lighting enclosures shall NOT be less than _______(mm) above areas accessible to vehicles.

4,900 mm


Which is the most important thing to do when a person has been shocked by electricity?

Separate the victim from the electric wire as soon as possible making sure that you do not become another victim
Call for competent help
Apply resuscitation
Disconnect switch

Separate the victim from the electric wire as soon as possible making sure that you do not become another victim


______ as applied to lightning protection, is an attachment to secure the conductor to the structure or building.



In a watercraft, when the source of electric power is a generator, it shall be automatically started and connected to the emergency switchboard within _____ of loss of main source of electrical power.

45 seconds


Generator neutral maybe connected in common, provided that the third harmonic content of the waveform of each generator does NOT exceed ___%.



As a general rule, equipment rated 1,000 A or more and measuring more than 1,900 mm wide, containing over-current devices, shall have an entrance at both ends of the switchboard room. The width and height of each entrance shall be NOT less than __________(mm x mm)

600 mm wide x 2,000 mm high.


Type AC cable shall be secured by approved staples, straps hangers or similar fittings within ____(mm) from every outlet box, junction box, cabinet or fitting.

300 mm


is the maximum electrical trade size of liquid tight flexible metal conduit.(mm)

100 mm


Communication conductors shall be separated at least ______(mm) from conductors of any electric light or power circuits.

50 mm


Receptacles used in circuits operating at less than ____V shall have an ampere rating of NOT less than ____A

50 V
15 A.


Each resistance welder shall have an over-current device rated or set at NOT more than _____% of the conductor rating.



To support conduit on a hollow block wall, use ________method.

toggle bolt


Circuits containing electric discharge lighting transformers exclusively shall NOT be rated in excess of ____A.

30 A


The transformer’s secondary open circuit voltage used in electric signs shall NOT exceed ____kV.

15 kV


Conductors external to motors and controls in cranes and hoists shall NOT be smaller than _______(mm2).

1.25 mm2


For three cranes supplied by a common conductor system, a demand factor of ____% shall be used.



. Intermediate metal conduit shall be supported at least every ________(mm)`

3,000 mm.


An over-current device rated or set at NOT more than ______% of the conductor rating shall protect conductors that supply one or more motor-generator arc welders.



Type MI cables shall permitted for: (3)

branch circuits, feeder circuits, and services


Conductors in open wiring on insulators shall be rigidly supported at intervals NOT exceeding ____(mm).

1,300 mm


is a hoisting and lowering mechanism equipped with a car which moves in guides in a substantially vertical direction, the floor area of which does NOT exceed ____(m2) and which is used exclusively for carrying materials.


0.85 m2


Which of the motor starters does NOT stress the motor winding severely?

Across the line starter
Wye-delta starter
Soft-start starter
Transformer-type starter

Wye-delta starter


. The demand factor for two elevators on a single feeder shall be _____%



Concealed knob and tube wiring shall NOT be used in:___________ (4)

theaters, motion pictures studios, and commercial garage


In banks and office buildings, a unit load of _______VA/m2 shall be included for the general purpose receptacle outlets when the actual number of outlets is unknown.

8 VA/m2


Type AC cable shall be permitted :


For branch circuits
For feeders
In cable trays where identified for such usage


Interlocked type armored cable or corrugated sheath cables shall have a bending radius of NOT less than ___ the _________ of the metallic sheath.

7 times
external diameter


The use of rigid metal conduits shall be permitted under all atmospheric conditions subject to the following conditions EXCEPT one. Which one is this?

Aluminum fittings and enclosures shall be permitted to be used with rigid steel conduits.
Ferrous metal conduits shall be permitted to be installed in concrete.
Conduits shall be permitted to be used in sand fill which is subject to permanent moisture.
Where the ferrous raceways are protected solely by enamel, the use is permitted only indoors.

Conduits shall be permitted to be used in sand fill which is subject to permanent moisture.


The radius of the inner edge of any bend for type MI cables shall NOT be less than _____ the diameter of the cable

5 times


The rating of the branch circuit using flat cable assemblies shall NOT exceed ____(A).

30 A


Where receptacles are connected to a 30-A branch circuit, the maximum allowable cord and plug connected load shall NOT be more than ____A

24 A.

Note: Load permitted shall NOT exceed 80% of the branch circuit rating


At least (_) receptacle outlet shall be installed in the bathroom.



Rigid metal conduit shall be supported at least every ______(mm).

3,000 mm


__% is the maximum allowable voltage drop from the distribution panel to the farthest load



___________ is an exposed wiring method using cleats, knobs, tubes and flexible tubing for the protection and support of single insulated conductor run in or on building and not concealed by the building structure.

Open wiring on insulators


Conductors in concealed knob and tube wiring shall maintain a clearance of NOT less than ______(mm) between the conductor and the surface over which it passes.

26 mm


General purpose and appliance branch circuits using type FCC cable shall have ratings NOT exceeding ___A

20 A.


is a unit assembly of units or sections and associated fittings, forming a rigid structural system used to support cables.

Cable tray


Over-current in transformers affect all of the following EXCEPT

Breather effectiveness
Mechanical stresses
Life insulation
Rise in temperature

Breather effectiveness


The rating of the branch circuit serving a continuous load shall NOT exceed ____% of the continuous load.



One or more non-metallic surface extensions shall be permitted to be run in any direction from an existing outlet, but NOT on the floor or within ______(mm) from the floor.

50 mm


Where a conduit enters a box, fitting or other enclosure, a _________ shall be provided to protect the wire from abrasions.



Bonding jumpers which connect communications cable grounding conductors and the grounding electrode of the building shall NOT be smaller than _______(mm2) copper size.

14 mm2


In hospitals, the general lighting load required shall be _______VA/m2.

16 VA/m2


Each plate electrode shall expose NOT less than _________ square meter of surface to exterior soil.



Non-metallic sheathed cable shall NOT have a bending radius less than ______ the diameter of the cable.

5 times


are conductors after the final over-current and before the load served.

Branch circuit conductors


In every drawing, the title block shall be a standard strip, which shall contain the name of the project, owner, title of the sheet, scale used, name and signature of the PEE. How wide is the strip? (mm)

Ans. 40 mm


is an intermittent operation in which the load condition is regularly recurrent.

Periodic duty


______ is a factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors with or without associated bare or covered grounding conductor under a non-metallic sheath, approved for installation in cable trays or in raceways.

Type TC


Rod electrodes of steel or iron shall be at least ____(mm) in diameter.

16 mm


The minimum size of conductors to be used for lighting purposes is ___(mm2).

2 mm2


Conductors on poles shall have a separation of NOT less than ______(mm) where not placed on racks or brackets.

300 mm


Type FCC cable shall be permitted for the following applications EXCEPT one. Which one is this?

For branch circuits
For service entrance
In damp locations
In heated floors

For service entrance


Non-metallic surface extensions shall be secured in place by approved means at interval NOT exceeding _______(mm).

200 mm


Any unguarded metal sheathed service cable, service conduits, metal fixtures and similar non-current carrying parts, if located in urban districts and where liable to be charged to more than ______V to ground shall be isolated or guarded so as not to be exposed to accidental contact by unauthorized persons.

300 V


Auxiliary gutters may enclose conductors or busbars but shall NOT enclose (3)

Over-current devices


Republic Act which is known as the “New Electrical Engineering Law”.

RA 7920


. Where an intermediate metal conduit is used, there shall NOT be more than the equivalent of _______ between pull points.

4 quarter bends


Underground cable feeder and branch circuit cables shall be permitted for use in any of the following applications EXCEPT one. Which one is this?

Where embedded in poured concrete
For interior wiring
For direct burial
Where used in corrosive locations

For interior wiring


Rigid metal conduits smaller than____m electrical trade size shall NOT be used.

15 mm


Flexible metal conduit shall be secured by an approved means at intervals NOT exceeding _________(mm).

1,300 mm


Which of the following premises wiring installations is NOT covered in the scope of the PEC?

Parking lots
quarries and mines
Motor vehicles

Motor vehicles


is an auxiliary conductor used in connection with remote measuring devices or for operating apparatus at a distant point.

Pilot wire


_________ conductors passing over roofs shall have a clearance over the roof which they pass of __________(mm).

Service entrance
2,500 mm


The conductors including _______(2) shall NOT fill the wireway to more than ___% of its area at that point.

splices and taps


Liquid tight metal conduit smaller than ______mm electrical trade size shall NOT be used.

15 mm


Service drop conductors passing over ___________ (2) and those commercial areas not subject to truck traffic shall have a vertical clearance of ________`(mm)

residential property and driveways
4,600 mm.


The equipment bonding jumper shall be permitted to be installed inside or outside of a raceway or enclosures where installed on the outside, the length of the equipment bonding jumper shall NOT exceed _____(mm)

1,800 mm.


An electrician should consider all electrical equipment live unless he definitely knows that they are not. The main reason of this practice is to avoid ______

personal injury.


Electrical floor assemblies shall NOT be installed (3)

Where subject to corroded vapors
In wet or damp locations


In cases where there are energized parts normally exposed on the front of switchboards or motor control centers, the working space in front shall NOT be less than ________.(mm)

1,000 mm


Cabinet and cutout boxes shall have an air space of at least _____(mm) between the base of the device and the wall of any metal cabinet or cutout box in which the device is mounted.

2 mm


Service conductors in cable shall NOT be smaller than _______(mm)

5.5 mm2.