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What nerves are superficial structures on top pectorals major?

- supraclavicular nerves (C3, C4)
- anterior and lateral cutaneous branches of ventral rami of thoracic spinal nerves.


What arteries are present as superficial structures of the pectoral region?

- anterior perforating arteries of internal thoracic
- lateral cutaneous branches from posterior intercostal arteries


Where do extra (supernumerary) rudimentary breasts or nipples found?

along the "milk line"


What is the circular pigmented area that surrounds the nipple and is irregularly elevated due to the presence of areolar glands?



What are the collagen bundles w/in the superficial fascia which are well developed and run between the skin and deep fascia?

suspensory or "Cooper's ligaments"


What arteries supply the medial border of the pectoral region?

internal thoracic artery - perforating arteries through 2-4 intercostal spaces


What arteries supply the lateral border of the pectoral region?

- lateral thoracic a (upper region, from 2nd portion of axillary a.)
- anterior and lateral cutaneous branches of intercostal arteries 3-5 (lower region)


Where do most of the lymphatics of pectoral region drain to?

- axillary lymph nodes (75%) w/in the axilla
- parasternal nodes (25%) internal to the thorax paralleling the internal thoracic artery


Why is it a huge concern to find cancer in the axillary lymph nodes?

axillary lymph nodes drain into subclavian duct which will drain into either the thoracic (L) or right lymphatic duct (r) which enters the blood stream at the jugulo-venous angles. Once cancer is in the blood it has full rein to go anywhere.


What fascia envelops the subclavius and pectoralis minor muscles?

clavipectoral fascia


What 3 structures pierce the costocoracoid membrane?

cephalic vein, thoracoacromial artery, lateral pectoral nerve


What is the term applied to the upper portion of the clavipectoral fascia which spans the interval between subclavius and pectoralis minor muscles?

costocoracoid membrane


What is the term applied to the lower portion of the clavipecoral fascia after it surrounds both sides of the pectoralis minor to form a single sheet which fuses with the axillary fascia at the floor of the axilla?

suspensory ligament of the axilla


What runs through the deltopectoral groove?

cephalic vein


What is the space at the junction of the clavicle with the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles?

deltopectoral triangle


What is formed by the lateral border of the pectoralis major?

anterior axillary fold