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A tetrahedral shaped space at the junction of the upper limb and thorax and whose boundaries form the cervicoaxillary canal.



What does the cervicoaxillary canal contain?

nerve from the neck and vessels from the thorax which run into the upper limb


What are the limits of the axilla?

apex: junction of clavicle, scapula and first rib (form cervicoaxillary canal)

base: axillary fascia

anterior wall: pectoralis major and minor, clavipectoral fascia

posterior wall: scapula w/ associate musculature

medial wall: ribs 1-4/5 w/ associated intercostal musculature covered by serratus anterior muscle

lateral wall: junction of the anterior and posterior axillary walls at the intertubercular groove


What surrounds the axillary artery, vein, and cords of the brachial plexus?

axillary sheath


What provides the regional boundaries that define the axillary artery?

top - lateral border of the 1st rib
bottom - inferior border of teres major


What reference used to divid the axillary into three divisions?

pectoralis major
- area 1 is medial
- area 2 is posterior
- area 3 is lateral


Where does the axillary vein lie in regards to the axillary artery?

accompanies the axillary artery the entire length
- distally lies medially
- proximally lies anterior and somewhat inferior


Where does the cephalic vein join the axillary vein?

pierces the clavipectoral fascia to join the axillary vein at the superior border of the pectoralis minor


What are the 5 groups of lymph nodes found in the axilla?

pectoral, lateral, subscapular, central, apical


What nodes does the pectoral, sub scapular and lateral nodes drain to?

central nodes


What nodes does the central and lateral lymph nodes drain into?

apical lymph nodes


What occurs when the axillary lymph nodes are removed?

limb becomes edematous (swollen) because normal lymphatic drainages becomes impaired