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Fick equation

DO2 = CAO2 x CO

Ox delivery = arterial O2 content x cardiac output


Equation for cardiac output

CO = HR x SV

children more HR dependent due to myocardial immaturity

SV- mycoardial contractility, preload, afterload

(modify SVR to change preload/afterload; pharm interventions to alter contractility)


Stages of shock

Compensated - neurohumoral responses preserve perfusion; may be reversible without intervention

Uncompensated- requires intervention

Irreversible shock = no response to therapeutic interventions


Hypovolemic shock

- Most common cause of shock in kids, esp with dehydration
- loss of and/or decreased intake of fluid or hemorrhage


Cardiogenic shock

pump failure resulting in decreased blood getting to the body

- Cardiac dysfunction or damage
(i.e. congenital anomoly, post-op; infection/myocarditis, sepsis--infmammatory mediators; rhythm disturbances (SVT); Mechanical/trauma)

Mechanical/trauma = tamponade, Pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax


Distributive shock

abnormal vasomotor tone leads to alteree flow distribution despite normal or high CO

- Sepsis
- Neurogenic
- Toxins (pharmacologic, chemicals)